‘Audience Was so Smiley’: Trump Complains About Fox News After Bernie Sanders Town Hall

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Bernie Sanders appeared in a town hall hosted by Fox News on Monday night. It was an unusual move as only a handful of the Democratic candidates have made Fox News appearances, and a town hall guaranteed the hosts an extended time to grill him.

But, perhaps surprisingly, Sanders managed to get a good reaction from the crowd. There were a number of occasions when the crowd seemed to side with the Democratic socialist, including one occasion when host Bret Baier asked who would be willing to switch to “Medicare for All” and a large portion of the audience raised their hands.

Here’s that reaction:

Unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump wasn’t too happy to see his loyal network playing nice with Sanders. “So weird to watch crazy Bernie on [Fox News] […] the ‘audience’ was so smiley and nice,” the president complained on Tuesday morning.

He also went on to seemingly question the network’s decision to hire former DNC chair, Donna Brazile.

There’s no doubt that Trump favors Fox over the other networks — it’s the only one that he doesn’t openly disparage. And in terms of interviews that he grants, Fox almost has a monopoly on the president. He regularly sits down with late night hosts like Sean Hannity.

In the first ten months of his presidency, he sat down with Fox News on 18 occasions — compared to only two with NBC and a shocking zero with CNN.

Trump also seemed to take a shot at the “audience” he saw at the Sanders’ town hall and, though we don’t know much about that audience, it certainly wasn’t stacked entirely with Sanders’ loyalists, nor did it seem to be entirely anti-Sanders activists. Notably, the first question went to a “campus coordinator” for the right-wing group Turning Point USA.

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Phyllis Softa

If anyone thought of FOX News being the Trump WH Communications network was a well kept secret, it was not.

michelle p

I personally would like to retain my PRIVATE health care with my choice of physicians and dental health doctors.

Dennis M Kleinsmith

This would be beneficial for some people if our congress to be on Medicare also

John Gagliano Jr

That was an epic backfire. Polls show majority of republicans support Medicare for all. Some 70% of Americans do though I don’t particularly like using polls as a measuring stick.





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