Trump Draws Bipartisan Criticism for Calling the Impeachment Probe ‘a Lynching’

Leah Millis/Reuters

President Donald Trump drew bipartisan criticism after he vented his frustration over House Democrats’ impeachment probe calling it a “lynching” in a tweet.

Trump’s use of the word lynching to describe the inquiry led to swift bipartisan condemnation. Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) decried Trump’s choice of words:

“That is one word that no president out to apply to himself. You know, I’ve studied presidential history for quite a bit, and I don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything quite like this.”

Watch his comments below

Lawmakers and presidential candidates spoke out about Trump’s comments:

A few Republicans voiced their distaste of Trump’s tweet:

Staunch defenders of Trump stuck by the president and supported his use of the word lynching:

Trump has faced criticism over the content of his tweets in the past, but Tuesday’s tweet marks the first time Trump has used the word lynching in a tweet.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas famously described his confirmation battle as a “high-tech lynching,” as he faced harassment allegations from Anita Hill.

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ST, for some reason I can’t read your reply. The IJR sucks! I keep wanting to ignore it, but it’s like watching a train wreck in real time; You know it’s horrible, but you can’t turn away!!


Hey ST, Sorry about your family’s bad past experiences. I am admittedly ignorant of the cultural interactions in Asia. I can only draw my personal conclusions based on those that have immigrated here to the US that I work with. I can honestly say based on my observations, that my philosophy of humans are human applies, well, to everyone human. There are good and bad. Basically good, but those that aspire to political office improve the odds that whoever it is will be an a-hole. I only stepped foot on the Asian continent this year for the first time in… Read more »



My wife’s family and my own have had BAD personal experiences with silk-wrapped dwarf bandits known as the Japanese. Rapists, looters, and complete savages to everyone including their own. Consider their treatment of POWs.

Consider how they took what was “fast food” for marginally spoiled fish and made it a gourmet treat for Westerners. Yes. I’ m talking about sushi.

Let’s not wrap them in false adulation.


GCO: “When word gets out about how this came about, I and sure you will just ad graciously concede” Despite the gibberish you just posted, I was able to decipher your “Idiotese”, and I have a question for the GCO: When Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Rosenstein et al, and hopefully, your Black Jesus, Obama, take the perp walk for their decimation of our political process (aka, treason) will YOU graciously concede? As I’ve said, it’s too bad that crucifixion has gotten such a bad rap lately, because those morons deserve it if no one else does. Remember when Trump was… Read more »


The truth is, the term “Lynching” is so exclusive to Democrats that they should trade mark it. Lynching was a practice of British soldiers to punish the colonist revolutionaries before the Democrat “enforcement wing”, the KKK, adopted it. More white men have been “Lynched” in this country and the preceding colonies than blacks. In fact, immediately after the Civil War, the ones being lynched were nearly ALL white sympathizers to the abolitionist movement. It’s so sad to watch the Democrat’s feeble attempts to rewrite history, And it’s frankly pathetic to see RINO Republicans get drawn into the fold. They are… Read more »

General Confusion

Who will take this bet, that it was Stephen Miller who taught King Donald The Loser a new inflammatory word?

I Ching:

“I’ll take the bet. Prove it. Idiot.
Simple-minded parrot.

Who teaches you? You’re clearly neither smart nor educated enough to come up with your own posts or quotes.

You ARE confused to think you appear as anything but the fool you are.”

Good. When word gets out about how this came about, I and sure that you will just ad graciously concede.

Unlike you, I thought it up all by myself, which disproves your accusation against me.


Also, why are the Dims allowed to control the language? They themselves have a history of lynching based on race and politics.

It’s not bad enough they try to silence what they do not agree with, NOW they want to control the verbiage. Shades of Orwell.

The idiot/cowards who knuckle under to this deserve contempt.


Now consider what “lynching” means to Dimocrats. They continued to practice it against blacks and Republicans well into the 20th century. q.v. Robert Byrd, a KKK member until 2010 and Dimocrat. Consider the Freedom Riders murdered in the 60’s. Consider firehoses and attack dogs. Strange fruit anyone? OF COURSE, Dimocrats view “lynching” in a racial context. That’s EXACTLY how they used it as racists and domestic terrorists. Now they have identity politics which is racist, sexist, and discriminatory at its heart. (Just like the Japanese, the Dims will NEVER acknowledge their historic and cultural sins. De Nial is not just… Read more »





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