Trump Blasts NYT Reporter in Three-Tweet Roast: ‘A Crooked H Flunkie’

President Donald Trump tore into The New York Times on Saturday, specifically targeting reporter Maggie Haberman and attacking its reporting on his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

The Times, Trump alleged, was trying to tear him and Cohen apart in order to make him “flip” as a source:

But Trump suspected that his longtime lawyer would remain loyal and not help the Russia investigation, which he called a “horrible Witch Hunt.”

His comments came after Haberman and two of her colleagues published a report claiming that Trump and Cohen had a one-sided relationship in which the president would insult and threaten to fire him. The Times speculated that Cohen might not be as willing to sacrifice for Trump despite his previous statement that he would take a “bullet” for the president.


Trump attacked both the sourcing of the article as well as Haberman, calling her “a Crooked H flunkie.” “Crooked H” is Trump’s way of referring to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Although Trump didn’t name names, he said that one of the Times’ sources was a “drunk/drugged up loser who hates Michael.”

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