Trump Boasts About Progress With North Korea: ‘You’d Be Having a Nice, Big, Fat War’ Under Other Admins

President Donald Trump didn’t back down when questioned about his negotiations with North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un.

Trump and Kim had a rocky start, but things quickly turned around. When Trump first took office, some Americans thought the country was on the brink of war, with Trump taunting Kim as “little Rocket Man.” However, things quickly turned around, and the two eventually met in person.

During that meeting, Trump negotiated the return of the remains of Americans from the Korean War and started the process of denuclearizing North Korea. He also helped in reigniting talks between North and South Korea, as IJR previously reported.

Although there were many successes from the summit, not everything went according to plan. North Korea reportedly hasn’t shut down its missile bases. Additionally, Kim has expressed his frustration with U.S. sanctions put in place due to human rights violations.

But Trump has said he is ready to meet with Kim again and is optimistic about his path forward. He took to Twitter to explain his plans.

During a presser on Wednesday, Trump emphasized that the negotiations with North Korea will take time but that he thinks his administration handled the negotiations better than any other administration would have.

Watch the video below:

“We’ve made a lot of progress with North Korea and Kim Jong Un. Chairman Kim has been a — we’ve really established a very good relationship. A lot of good things are happening. I never said speed. Look, it’s been this way for 80-plus years. We had our meeting six months ago in Singapore. We’ll probably now have another meeting. He’d like to meet. I’d like to meet. We’ve established a very good relationship. We’re given no credit for it. Frankly, if this administration didn’t take place, if another administration came in instead of this administration […] you’d be at war right now. You’d be having a nice, big, fat war in Asia. And it wouldn’t be pleasant.”

Although it isn’t clear when the next meeting will take place between Trump and Kim, the president said he’s not in a “rush” to solve every issue in North Korea and he is happy with how it is going so far.

Trump said that failed negotiations could have resulted in “World War III,” but now he is optimistic that North Korea can turn around and have economic success.


  1. President Trump is the greatest President /Mastermind of my life time! Thank you, President Trump! KAG!

  2. …almost forgot. Who cares about nuke war with NK and China when you’re drowning because the ice caps melted? Another prediction of doom that didn’t come true.

  3. Who cares if we don’t go to nuke war with NK? We’re all going to be dead from the stock market crash (Paul Krugman), the ice caps melting (the global warmists), collusion with Russia (the sore losers in DC), or the military leading a coup because the president failed to visit the troops over the holidays. (the definition of fake news)

    Chicken Littles. “Bad things will happen unless we get our way.”

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