Trump Boasts of Fox News Poll on Economy — But Ignores Results on His Approval Rating

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President Trump fired off his Thursday morning on Twitter by boasting of a Fox News poll saying that the respondents approved the economy. But that poll wasn’t all roses and sunshine for the president.

In his first tweet, Trump boasted, “Fox Poll say best Economy in DECADES!”

Soon after, he tagged “Fox and Friends” — the morning show he watches almost every morning — and said that the approval rating on the economy is at 52%. But that wasn’t good enough for him, and he went on to write, “Shouldn’t this be at 100%? Best stock market, economy and unemployment numbers ever … Country doing great!”

But if Trump had bothered to look at the full poll results, he would have noticed that respondents were asked about more than just the economy. They were also asked whether they approve of the job Trump is doing as president. To that question, 52% said they disapproved. That’s compared with only a 46% approval rating, with 3% of people saying that they don’t know.

In fact, Fox News asked registered voters about their views on a number of topics that Trump is dealing with and found that he’s unpopular in almost all of them. A majority of respondents said they disapprove of the job he’s doing on border security, immigration, international trade, North Korea, Iran, health care and race relations. The economy was the only topic in which a majority of respondents approved.

The last time Fox News polled Trump’s approval — between February 11 and 13 — the network found that 48% of respondents approved of him, with only 47% of respondents saying that they disapproved of the job that the president is doing.

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