Illegal Border Crossings Are Rising, Yet Trump Keeps Getting Blocked From Addressing Them

REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Illegal migration across the Mexican border this year is little different than it was under former President Barack Obama and, compared to some years, it may even be higher, according to data released by the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Customs and Border Protection agency.

In August, the last month for which complete data is available, there were 46,560 total apprehensions of illegal crossers. That compares to just 30,567 last year year and 42,415 during August 2015. There were 51,893 in August 2016.

September looks to be even worse. According to the Washington Post, a record number of migrants with children entered the United States illegally in September. Border patrol agents arrested 16,658 family members in September, the highest one-month total on record and 80 percent higher than the number arrested in July.

What all of this means, according to the CBP, is that laws need to change to address the issue:

The August Southwest Border Apprehension/Inadmissible numbers are a clear indicator that the migration flows are responding to gaps in our nation’s legal framework. While the overall numbers are consistent with an expected seasonal increase, the number of family unit apprehensions increased 38%, approximately 3,500 more than July. In August, the number of family units apprehended represented 34% of all Southwest Border apprehensions, an increase from an average of 25% for the year.

A graph released by the CBP shows that, essentially, nothing’s changed.

When President Donald Trump sought to apply existing laws to the illegal immigration problem last spring, he was accused of cruelly separating families. Democrats in Congress, instead of acting to change statutes so that families could be held together, insisted that Trump step back from the “new policy” of enforcing the law. Faced with a public relations nightmare, Trump complied.

The president, obviously frustrated by his inability to solve the problem, Thursday said he would send troops to the Mexican border if necessary to stop the incursion of illegal crossers and the flow of drugs into the country.

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Trump should send the military down to the Border! We have to take a stand! We cannot allow criminals terrorist drug traffickers MS-13 members hiding in these mobs to enter our country! The hell with the Democrats build the wall! No other country on Earth let’s this happen!


This is an invasion no matter how one looks at it.
I am sorry people to our south don’t have happy, safe lives, but do not their corrupt governments bear that burden?
The Mexican government is atrocious. Look at what is happening there and they funnel these illegals directly up here.
If I won an all expenses paid trip to Acapulco, I would not go; Once a jewel, now a cesspool.
The GOP need to get busy because the Dumbocrats want as many people that can to pour across the border.


Well, who the heck is in charge in Washington? The republicans, so why don’t you blame them? Trump sounds like a toddler who broke a lamp and blamed his imaginary friend for doing it! He and Sessions are the ones who started taking children hostage and incarcerating them at the border, not democrats. If he had a soul he would have known the American people were going to rebel against him when ti came out! Your fault Trump – not democrats!


He can blame it on the Democrats all he wants but the GOP owns the House and Senate. At any time they could have made a movement to change said laws, but really haven’t addressed it at all.





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