Trump Breaks Down in Yet Another Loony Rose Garden Display of Infancy

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump played the victim yet again in another off-the-rails press conference in the Rose Garden.

It appears that the commander in chief was set off by Nancy Pelosi’s remarks that he is engaged in a “cover-up.”

He was supposed to hold an infrastructure meeting with Democratic leaders in the White House but instead, he called the press to the Rose Garden where he complained about investigations, at one point saying that he’s been the subject of investigations since he announced his candidacy.

Trump reportedly didn’t even sit down or shake hands during his meeting with Pelosi, instead marching out into the Rose Garden to berate the television cameras.

At another point, he suggested that the opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, actually set up the Trump Tower meeting in which members of his campaign met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer. He also told the press that they should be “ashamed” of themselves.

Finally, the president declared that he wouldn’t participate in any deal-making with Democrats until they stop investigating him.

Watch below:

The president was supposed to be meeting to talk about his infrastructure bill, which has been a joke in its own right. He blindsided his party when he declared that he was going to pump $2 trillion into infrastructure.

That $2 trillion figure was the result of the last infrastructure meeting that he had with Democrats, which was largely successful for the Dems.

But Wednesday’s meeting was hardly the first time that the president has blown up a meeting in which he is supposed to be negotiating. In December, he blew up a meeting and failed to put together a bill that would have funded the government.

Instead, on that occasion, the president wasn’t able to get anything together and soon after he presided over the longest government shutdown in the history of the United States.

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Maureen Ronau

Alex, I’m not sure I agree with your assessment. I don’t blame the president for reacting to such a divisive government, with many on one side of the aisle looking for a chance to belittle the president at every opportunity. My president is trying to do a good job, but the Dems seem obsessed with the idea of impeachment.

Sidney Jolly
Sidney Jolly

How long are even Senate Republicans going to put up with Trump’s increasing bizarre behavior before invoking the 25th Amendment?

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