Trump 2020 Campaign Aims to Hold Democratic Field of ‘Socialists’ Accountable for ‘Extreme’ Rhetoric

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The national campaign spokeswoman for President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential reelection campaign made it clear the campaign is focusing on holding the 22 Democratic presidential nominees accountable for their “extreme” rhetoric.

As the 2020 presidential race begins to ramp up, the growing field of Democrats vying for the chance to take on Trump for the White House, the president’s campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News they are “keeping tabs” on the “homogenous group of socialists.”

She continued on to say the Trump campaign is eager to have the candidates in the massive field “answer” for their “extreme” statements, such as Sanders’ infamous idea of allowing felons — including “terrible people” like the Boston Marathon Bomber — vote from prison.

“We certainly keep tabs on all the Democratic contenders. One of the things that we’re very keen on doing is having every other Democrat answer for the inevitable extreme, completely out of left field statement that is made on a daily basis.”

“So when Bernie Sanders says, ‘let’s let the Boston bomber vote’ we want to hear from every other Democratic candidate how they feel about that,” McEnany added.

Courtesy of Reuters

The president’s campaign spokeswoman continued on to say that the campaign was more geared up to run in a general reelection style and was not very focused on Republican challengers or potential opponents, such as former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld (R-Mass.) and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R-Md.).

McEnany stated that they “echo” the Republican National Committee’s decision not to hold a primary “right now” while touting Trump’s 93% approval rating within the Republican Party.

“We are unmistakable in echoing the RNC that there is not a Republican primary going on right now,” said McEnany. “You look at this president, he has 93 approval among his own party.”

McEnany also told Fox News that the president would keep on holding rallies in influential swing states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Campaign manager Brad Parscale also wants to flip states that Democrats took in 2016 like New Mexico and Colorado.

The Democratic presidential primary grew even further on Tuesday after Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D-Mon.) announced his candidacy. Bullock faces off against prominent frontrunners including former Vice President Joe Biden and Sanders, who has pushed many controversial campaign issues like “Medicare for All.”

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It is going to be a hilarious campaign as each of the 20, 30 or up to 50 Leftist candidates try to be MORE of a Socialist than his/her competitor. It will take an awful lot of brain dead, low-IQ voters to pick the best loser from this gaggle of Communist wannabes.

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