Donald Trump’s Campaign Made Staffers Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements — Now One of Them is Suing

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President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign heralded the most surprising upset in modern politics, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the president’s team ordered staffers on the campaign to sign non-disclosure agreements. One former staffer is now suing to nullify the agreement because she said it buried legitimate problems within the organization.

People who have found themselves within Trump’s orbit have often also found themselves signing NDAs — Stormy Daniels signed one after her alleged affair with the president. Even White House interns are reportedly being forced to ink NDAs.

Jessica Denson joined the Trump campaign in August 2016, starting as a phone bank administrator and eventually being promoted to engage voters on a larger scale. On Friday morning, Denson appeared on CNN where she says she was “subjected to a reign of terror.”

She said that Trump aide Camilo Sandoval “launched an all-out assault on [her] character” and tried to steal her personal laptop. When she went to human resources, she says they “retaliated” against her.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

Now, Denson is suing the campaign. In her suit, she says that “the campaign required all employees, contractors, and volunteers to execute a virtually identical NDA.” She argues that the NDAs should be nullified because they are “too vague” and “lack a legitimate purpose.”

Denson also says that she filed a suit in November 2017 to address the sexual discrimination that she experienced in the campaign. But the campaign accused her of violating the NDA by filing a suit and told her that she should “submit to the arbitration in secret.”

Sandoval, the man that Denson accuses of terrorizing her, was a top official in the Trump Administration’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs until a few days ago.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign that the 2020 Trump campaign will move away from forcing anyone within their organization to sign an NDA. When Omarosa left the White House, she claimed that the 2020 Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump offered her a $15,000 monthly contract if she agreed to sign an NDA.

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Phyllis Softa

Trump’s use of NDA’s has resulted in the leakiest White House in my lifetime. It has created the market for a number of best selling books, an anonymous NYT op-ed, and exposure of extra-marital affairs. NDA’s apparently work well with Trump wives and Trump’s WH spokeswoman. Not so much with anyone else. Time to evaluate NDA’s effectiveness.





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