Trump Campaign and RNC Claim Victory With Mueller Report, Call for Probe of ‘Partisan Information’

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After the redacted Mueller report was released, President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel declared that it was time for investigators to answer questions on the basis of the investigation.

“President Trump has been fully and completely exonerated yet again. Now the tables have turned, and it’s time to investigate the liars who instigated this sham investigation into President Trump, motivated by political retribution and based on no evidence whatsoever,” said Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale in a statement.

As IJR previously reported, many lawmakers claimed that there was collusion between the Russian government and Trump, but the Mueller report revealed that there was nothing that could be criminally charged.

“Now that the collusion and obstruction conspiracy theories have been exposed for the pathetic hoaxes they always were, the Obama-era DOJ and FBI must answer for their misdeeds and the scam that they perpetrated against the American people. Justice will be served,” said Parscale.

Watch the Trump campaign’s video on the Mueller report below:

McDaniel also released a statement, claiming that Americans should know why the investigation started based on the original information:

“It is now time to get to the bottom of how an investigation based off of fake and partisan information began in the first place. After two years and over $35 million, American taxpayers deserve answers and the integrity of our democratic process depends on ensuring this never happens again.”

Vice President Mike Pence also echoed their statements on the investigation, saying that Americans have a “right to know” whether the investigation started with lawful standards.

Take a look:

These calls for an investigation have already been answered by Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham, who revealed that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be conducting a probe into Justice Department officials during former President Barack Obama’s time in office.

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