Trump Cancels Holiday Plans to Keep Fighting for Border Security During Shutdown While Pelosi Vacations

Jonathan Ernst/Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The partial government shutdown leaves Democrats in Congress waiting for President Donald Trump to back down from his push for $5 billion in border wall funding, but he put his foot down over the issue and even canceled his holiday plans to stay in Washington, D.C. to work out a deal.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), however, has been spotted soaking up the sun on a vacation in Hawaii, drawing a contrast between the two leaders.

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President Trump canceled his plans to travel to Florida for Christmas, “while we wait to see if the Democrats will help us to protect America’s Southern Border,” as IJR Red reported. He later made an unannounced visit to American troops in Iraq, followed by a short stop at a base in Germany.

The president remained in Washington, D.C. for Christmas, while first lady Melania Trump and their son Barron traveled to Florida. The first lady then returned and accompanied her husband on the trip to the active combat zone before she headed back to Florida on Thursday.

Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney announced on Fox News on Friday that President Trump has decided to cancel his plans to travel to his Mar-a-Lago resort for New Year’s in order to stay in our nation’s capital during the shutdown.

Watch the video below:

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi, a critic of President Trump’s border wall proposal who previously attacked his “manhood” over his calls for funding, is reportedly spending a period of the government shutdown at a luxury hotel in Hawaii.

As the Free Beacon first reported, the top Democrat was spotted on Hawaii’s Big Island at the Fairmont Orchid resort, where rooms range from $899-a-night to $4,899-a-night.

Toya Sarno Jordan/Getty Images

The resort features a golf course, six restaurants, and a 10,000-square-foot oceanfront pool, as well as other accommodations.

The resort she’s staying at has a “Spa Without Walls,” which is fitting considering her opposition to the funding the president’s border wall, where the cheapest message runs at the cost of $159 and the price goes up to $569 for a couple’s massage, according to the resort’s website.

“I’m not allowed to talk about that,” one woman in Pelosi’s office said about Pelosi’s vacation, according to The Washington Examiner.

After a previous Oval Office meeting, during which the president sparred with Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Pelosi said the two Democrats are “not in negotiation” about the border wall funding. She added, “We’re not going for the $5 billion for the wall. We simply are not,” as IJR Blue reported.

The partial government shutdown continues, even as some leaders stay in Washington, D.C., while others take the time to vacation.

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Diana Hudson

Can’t tell you the last time I had a vacation? Must be nice.


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Get involved, it’s more rewarding than posting on blogs!

Barbara Foster

The way the Democrats are acting about the wall is making them look very childish. A few years ago they were all pushing for a wall on the border, but now, just to spite President trump they are holding out. Really juvenile of them!

John Paul Parks

The best way to deal with Trump or any other toddler having a tantrum is to make sure he is safe and then let him cry it out until he gets tired and then put him to bed. Tomorrow morning the toddler will not remember any of it. Democrats worked hard for the people and deserve a holiday vacation. Trump, who played golf all year, does not.


Nancy Corpse-Losi vacationing in Hawaii quick people get crosses and holy water the demon life sucking mummy is in your neighborhood. Federal agencies have warned that your pets and kids be kept inside and your doors and windows remain locked at all times


Nancy’s net worth can easily afford a stay BUT there’s that “job” thing.

While her cosmetic surgeons have warned against too much sun, her necromancers say it will encourage the mummification process, though the fact that she casts no shadow at midday is a tell. Keep sucking down those tanna leaf smoothies Nancy!

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