Trump Caught on Video Playing Golf When He Claimed He Was Working and Stuff

Vacationer in Chief Donald Trump has a real problem owning his laziness. As he slinked away from the blazing inferno of the Russia scandal for a 17-day vacation at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, he insistently tweeted that this was “not a vacation”:

On Saturday, Trump also had an anonymous White House official brief skeptical reporters on what the official called a “working vacation,” all the while refusing to admit that Trump would be playing golf at his golf resort.

So, after his own press aide called it a vacation, it wasn’t long before an Instagram video of Trump tooling up to some guests in a golf cart started circulating:

As about two-thirds of Americans will attest, there are much worse ways Trump could be spending his time than playing golf, but it’s telling that he feels the need to lie about the one thing he’s halfway decent at, and maybe keeps the rest of us out of trouble for a few hours.

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