Trump Clarifies His Comment on Meghan Markle Being ‘Nasty’ About Him: ‘I Think She’s Very Nice’

President Donald Trump is trying to clarify his comments about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, after he believes people took his comment the wrong way.

When asked by The Sun about Meghan’s past criticism —calling him “divisive” and “misogynistic” during the 2016 presidential election — prior to his U.K. state visit, the president responded that he “didn’t know that she was nasty,” as IJR Red previously reported.

During the same interview, the president said he’s “sure she will do excellently” at her new role in the Royal Family.

Listen to the audio below:

However, Trump is still receiving pushback after he claimed that he didn’t directly call Meghan “nasty,” as IJR Blue pointed out.

When asked by “Good Morning Britain’s” Piers Morgan about his comment, Trump stood firm on it, saying “no” he doesn’t believe the Dutchess of Sussex is “nasty.”

“And I said, ‘Wow, I didn’t know she was nasty,’” he clarified. “I wasn’t referring to, ‘She’s nasty,’ I said, ‘She was nasty about me.'”

Trump went on to say Meghan is “doing a good job” in her new role.

“I think she’s very nice,” he added.

As IJR Blue also reported on, the president did, however, take aim at the media for their take on his comments while saying his comments weren’t “ambiguous.”

Watch the video below:

Trump also acknowledged that the Royal Family is “really nice” and Prince Harry, Meghan’s husband, “couldn’t have been nicer” during his trip.

Whether or not the president directly meant to call Meghan “nasty,” Trump wasn’t expected to meet with the Duchess of Sussex as she is still on maternity leave.


  1. Markels friends say she was always a gold digger and attention hoe. She also lied to her husband, her second one at least when she said she never really had a family.
    It’s not that she never had a family, she always thought she was better than them. She married into Royalty to prove it.
    Congrats to another feline who married success.

  2. I think people should let President Trump do the job he was elected to do.

  3. Unlike Obama, who never spoke without a pre-written statement on a teleprompter, Trump speaks off the cuff and occasionally makes mistakes. You try getting up before a nation and speaking when everything you say is analyzed over and over for any mistake that the media can use against you.

    1. Like Marxist Bimbo AOC, Arab AmeriCON Man Enemy Obama was placed in office by America’s Foreign and Domestic Enemies… Hellary Rotten Clinton was set to continue Enemy Obama’s ClowardPiven Stragety to get America to Marxism…but Trump is exposing the Shadow Government!

  4. When it comes to the media. I would be more surprised if they actually told the truth . Lies and innuendos are the only thing they are good at. They excel at making a non liberal look bad.

    1. Did you not watch the video? Are do you choose not to believe your own eyes and ears as Trump has directed.

      1. Since you’re so concerned with the preciseness of comments, perhaps you should correct you own. “Are do you choose not to believe……” Clean up your own act.

  5. I can’t really put a lot of stock in the statements of a writer who can’t spell “Dutchess” correctly. I don’t know why Trump bothers…people know what he meant, the media and the foam-mouthed haters just gotta spin it to make yet another negative Trump headline. It’s really getting old.

    1. Your comment made me laugh. I also noticed the misspelling. Megan Markle would not have been worth a story until she criticized President Trump.

    2. Trump says up is down, and you stand on your head.

      1. Your problem is that you see everything from the position of standing you YOUR head. Typical Democrat.

    3. Poor, misunderstood Trump. For some reason, his tortured language is always being misinterpreted. Like when he called the Mayor of London, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, the Mayor of San Juan, Kamala Harris, etc., etc. . . . NASTY! He just meant that that were acting like NASTY! people, not that they were themselves NASTY! (a distinction without a difference). (Lolo – please spell check me. Thanks)

      1. So, your problem is that you don’t understand the language. They do act nasty towards him, as you do. Lolo is a town in MT, not the abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud. Maybe you should check your own comments when you’re being nasty, dildo.

    4. Useful Idiots are littered throughout history as well as in the present. No greater example than Registered DUMBasCRAP American Idiots and those illiterrate Barbarian War Lord worshipping Muslims…

  6. I am a lifelong Republican. Trump is NOT a Republican – he is a Trumpican. Republicans HATE tariffs because real Republicans know tariffs are just additional taxes AMERICANS pay – not China – not Mexico – AMERICANS. Trump is cooking up these tariff schemes just to quickly remove them in a few months to give the US economy a bump and thus give him a talking point for the 2020 elections – so all this tariff crap has nothing to do with anything except Trump scambling to get votes. The US needs a real Republican in the White House – NOT Trump. Also – Trump lies EVERY damn day. Trump DID use the ‘nasty’ word while talking about Meghan Markle. Trump initially tried to claim he never uttered the nasty word, but after undeniable proof Trump now admits he uttered the word but millions of people misunderstand what he meant when he spoke the nasty word. Perhaps the misogynist adulterous lying Trump should NOT use the nasty word at all when talking about women?

    1. They pay the taxes to get it in our country to bad you think that way cause China has been stealing from us for years and something needs to be done about our boarder this country can not withstand the whole of other countries we just can’t the first asylum was Mexico not the United States

    2. MAGA
      Short for “Morons Are Governing America”, which became undeniably true after Donald Trump was elected as US president. Derived from Trump’s habit of accidentally telling the truth while trying to lie in defense of his indefensible actions.
      “Investigating my crimes is the biggest witch hunt in history. MAGA” – Donald Trump

      1. Your hat should have MASC “MAKE AMERICA A SOCIALIST COUNTRY “

      2. You appear to be nothing more than a Parrott for the Democrat indoctrination machine. You should apply for a job with the fake news media.

      3. If only you were Educated, you’d know that you support the most RACIST and Greatest Organized Crime Syndication in the history of America.
        You started a War to keep your Slavery. The KKK was a Wing of the DNC’s Racist Organized Crime Syndication. You wrote and passed Racist Jim Crow and Segregation Laws. You voted against Civil Rights. You murdered Lincoln, JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK. You tried murdering Reagan.
        Then you placed America’s Domestic Enemy hiding in plain sight Arab AmeriCON Man Obama in office.
        Registered DUMBasCRAP much?

        1. You should read your history. The facts are there. The Democrats that you are referring to are the “Southern Democrats” who later left the Democratic Party and formed the “Dixiecrat Party”. They elected Strom Thurmond (one of the most racist men ever elected to congress) as their leader, who would never identify as a Democrat again. He later joined the Republican Party as many of his fellow Dixiecrat’s and Southern whites did. They came as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing and hijacked the Republican Party and striped it of all that was good and made it their own.
          Along with H.R. Haldeman, White House Chief of Staff to President Richard Nixon, Republican leaders developed the “Southern Strategy,” by emphasizing to white voters in the South that: “The whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognized this while not appearing to.” This is what has lead it to become the party of the alt-right. The party of the Willie Horton ad and birtherism. The party of Donald Trump, the “Muslim ban,” the border wall, David Duke and all the other white supremacists running for election on the Republican ticket.
          It is the white peoples party.
          And not only is the Grand Ole Party unapologeticly white, recently it has been disposing of its dog whistles in favor of bullhorns, becoming unabashedly more racist every day. Aside from its leader excusing a white supremacist murder, calling Mexicans “rapists,” referring to “shithole countries” and settling multiple discrimination lawsuits, there is an abundance of evidence that shows the party’s racism.
          And none of this is to say that all Republicans are racist. But, where is your integrity as a party? I do agree there are legitimate debates to be had. Including economic conservatism and smaller government, etc..
          We need to leave the past behind and move forward as a country. Racism doesn’t build a better America, it only divides us.

    3. He was answering in the context of the comment directed at him. Many of us understood that immediately. The media is trained to misconstrue and twist words and phrases of anyone in order to make a good story.
      You are right. Trump is not a Republican. He is not even a politician. However since he ran on the party ticket, won the election, and is now our President, it’s time to give him the support you would any Republican candidate you put up who one. The alternative is to end up with a socialist country or worse.
      Start using logic instead of emotions and resentment. Think about what is best for our country, not who is leading it. Are Trump’s policies working? Yes. Are they helping us improve? Yes. If he is allowed to do what he plans, will our country be better off? Yes. If he needs to use temporary tariffs to accomplish these things, will they harm us? No. So support his plans and watch what happens. Thank you.

    4. Well it seems to me that 16 Republicans had a chance in 2016 and the PEOPLE found them sadly lacking in the balls to do what Trump has been trying to do. If this gets companies moving back to the US I am all for it. You might be a Republican but you sure sound like a liberal .

    5. We need what we have — Donald Trump! No other Republican or Democrat could ever do what he has accomplished! Face it — the man is brilliant!!!!!

      1. I would like to see your fact based, itemized list. No one else has been able to find one. I’m still waiting for his promise to be filled that Mexico is going to pay for the wall on our southern border. Please don’t say tariffs. That is just money out of your’s and my pocket.

        1. My getting rid of NAFTA Trump has already saved the US 1.1 Billion Dollars.
          Stay STUPID, it’s a requirement to be Registered DUMBasCRAP!

      2. Crookiticians are playing checkers and Trump is playing Chess.
        Trump’s exposing the Cess Pool of Corruption that has been like a cancer upon everyday Americans.
        No greater example is those within the DNC’s Racist Organized Crime Syndication. A bunch of self serving filthy rich criminals that became multimillionaires by being thieves. Maxine WallTurds, Peloski, Feinsten, Obama, Nadler, ShiftforBrains, etc.

    6. Who cares? He said it…..he didn’t say it. Ever hear the verse John 8:7
      So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
      So how do you as his condemner fit into that verse?

    7. S. H. – following the inception of NAFTA, America lost millions of jobs to foreign countries (26 million estimate by 11 years ago). Not only did this result in hundreds of billions of dollars in trade deficit each year (over $650 billion last year, $375 billion to China), but it results in over a $trillion in lost revenue for the U.S. government. That deficit adds directly to our National Debt and is why it’s so high. It’s why the government can’t afford to fund it’s programs and there’s a budget fight every year. Up until NAFTA, when we had tariffs on all imported goods, American workers were protected from unfair labor competition. American workers can’t compete with countries with $.50 to $1.00 and hour labor, with no benefits, insurance costs, no corporate taxes. Tariffs are the only means to protect American workers. Bill Clinton removed that protection when he signed NAFTA into being in Dec 1993. NAFTA was responsible for the high unemployment, housing price collapse, banking disaster, shutdown of many government programs, drastic increase in welfare/food stamps. We’ve been on the short end of the stick every since. Tariffs should be replaced at the previous level. Wages and prices in America would eventually go back to a balance as during the Reagan administration, the previous highest level of prosperity. We need to stop providing welfare to the entire world.

      1. Clinton’s changes to Carter’s Community Reinventment Act and his Repeal of Glass-Stegal also were the procuring reasons behind the DemonRats caused Credit Crisis and ensuing prolonged recession.

  7. She is nasty. Harry isn’t the brightest light in the Palace. The next time they come to the US I hope they are ignored. She has managed to control him and mess up his relationship with William. She is a misfit in the Royal family. How dare she insult our president.

    1. You know all of this first hand? You should writing a book with knowledge like this.

    2. Uh… at the time she was us citizen commenting on a US election after she was asked a question. President Trump was not even the president at the time.

      Also, what are you talking about with ruining the relationship between Harry and William. Was this some dumb article in an In Touch magazine?

      1. Don’t you recall one of the Hollywood gold digger’s demands was that Harry give her half of his $40 million net worth to marry him? And that the Queen put a stop to that demand in a NY minute? The Queen should have made a demand of her own: GTF out of England!

        1. Ok, so not In Touch but Star Magazine – which is even worse. I’d have never peggee you for a gossip magazine reader.

          Also, this is off topic. My question was regarding the claim Markle was adding strain between Harry and William.

          Do you have any hot gossip regarding that?

  8. MSM is the culprit drawing specific attention to only the Trump comment. When I saw the whole piece to begin with it was taken in context of the comments mad by the duchess as being nasty and nothing hinting that she personally was a nasty person. Yet every MSM lead-in since the original report would have you belief that Pres. Trump called the Duchess “Nasty”. Very poor understanding of context and making the clip exhibit the media’s position.

    1. No, no, of course not. Trump has NEVER called anyone nasty. Ever. Not the Mayor of London, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, the Mayor of San Juan, Kamala Harris, etc., etc. Never! Now, people may have chanted it about Hillary Clinton at his campaign rallies, and he may have mouthed along, but the words never actually emitted from his throat, it was just his lips forming the words. And all he said about the Duchess is that she ‘acted’ like a Nasty Women, and committed Nasty Acts, and was saying Nasty things . . . He never said she was Nasty. I hope that explains everything.

      1. I see you’re still having a problem with the language. Or, are you just repeating what you heard on the indoctrination networks?

  9. Whatever you may think about our President Trump, has indeed followed though on his pledge to MAGA: “Make America Gag Again.”

      1. Sorry, Bonnie, you beat me to it. Just watch where you step.

    1. The past was not greater; it was simply the past. It’s only the soft-focus, judicious edit that looks so perfect and sweet.

      1. The past wasn’t greater? Apparently you were born yesterday.

        1. I was born 62 years ago. How far should we go back? Before the 1964 Equal Rights Amendment? World War II, when we were the only one with the “BOMB”? Before women got the right to vote? Do you want to go back to the Great Depression? How about the Civil War, where slavery was the law of the land? What era in the past was greater than now. Look at all the advances we have today that past generations didn’t have. Our country is still great because we learned from our past and built on it to keep us great. Living in the past isn’t the answer. We were not any better as a country in our past. The past was not greater; it was simply the past. It’s only the parts we choose to remember that look so perfect and sweet.

    2. If you stop abusing yourself, you won’t have to gag.

  10. Nice people are sometimes capable of saying nasty things. Give it a rest, y’all!

  11. I did not interpret the President’s comment as saying MM is nasty. But I suppose you can interpret a comment anyway you want.

    1. All he said about the Duchess is that she ‘acted’ like a Nasty Women, and committed Nasty Acts, and was saying Nasty things . . . He never said she was Nasty. I hope that explains everything.

      1. Like most Liberals, you like to add to people’s comments to make them sound bad. By tomorrow, you’ll have an entire new paragraph of what was not said.

  12. Who cares really? Media making it so big about Magen . Who is she? A lucky American girl that’s it .

    1. And that Melanie person that’s sometimes with Trump. Why is the media making it so big about Melanie? Who is she? A lucky (or unlucky, depending on your view point) Slavic girl that’s it.

    2. Exactly. Never heard of her until Harry picked her up from somewhere.

  13. Whole thing is stupid to even give it energy about Mega M. Etc. This is not News Worthy!

  14. Geezuz . . . we all knew what the President meant. Megan Markle said “nasty” things about him before and President Trump didn’t know it, at the time, so he didn’t know she said nasty things about him. Duh!

    President Trump shouldn’t have to explain things to people like they were in the third grade, but they are, so . . . . This man has been taking enemy incoming forever but he fires back. Just because former presidents have chosen to remain silent in the face of undue criticism doesn’t mean there is a precedent for doing so. There is NO PRECEDENT for what President Trump has had to put up with. So, he gives as good or better than he takes. GOOD FOR HIM. No one should expect him to be dragged through the mud day-in-and-day-out without defending himself? Would you? No modern day president (or his family) has had to put up with the filth people are slinging at him, Melania, Barron, Don Jr, Ivanka, and Jared? I mean, just think back to what the media said about a 13 year-old child! I think all of the Trump family should fire back. It probably won’t make it stop, but he has every right to defend himself and his family.

  15. The LEFT WING media took the Presidents’ comment out of context in their perverted, way just to start another controversy and throw shade. That’s what they do because telling the TRUTH doesn’t help the LEFT. Have ANY of the LAME STREAM MEDIA outlets broadcast anything that ANY of the Royals or British media have said in a positive light about our PRESIDENT?

  16. I doubt MM’s opinion matters to Americans. The British Monarchy is a joke, and England too liberal. England has been on the path to destruction for years. Thank you President Trump for bringing America back from it’s internal destruction. AIGA ( America is great again).

  17. As usual the Blame Stream Media was Lying about the President AGAIN!!!

    1. I am confused.

      Did King Donald The Loser say that Meghan Markle was “nasty” or not?

      1. You’re not confused. You’re just another obsessed Trump hating liberal.

      2. If you read the transcript, it can be perceived that he called her nasty because he didn’t use the word “being” infont of nasty. If you listen to his actual words that were said on tape you can plainly and clearly understand he was talking about the descriptive phrasings she said about him. As in her attacks were being nasty kind of like yours. Are you nasty I don’t know but you sure come across like a dumbass and definitely unintellectual. Lance

  18. Someone asked Pres. Trump what he thought about Megan’s nasty remarks and he said, “I didnt know she was nasty.” He didnt say he thought she was nasty, he said he didnt know she was nasty. That’s a big difference. He might not have heard what she said and they asked him about if he thought she was nasty..

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