Trump Clarifies His Comment on Meghan Markle Being ‘Nasty’ About Him: ‘I Think She’s Very Nice’

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters; Karwai Tang/WireImage

President Donald Trump is trying to clarify his comments about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, after he believes people took his comment the wrong way.

When asked by The Sun about Meghan’s past criticism —calling him “divisive” and “misogynistic” during the 2016 presidential election — prior to his U.K. state visit, the president responded that he “didn’t know that she was nasty,” as IJR Red previously reported.

During the same interview, the president said he’s “sure she will do excellently” at her new role in the Royal Family.

Listen to the audio below:

However, Trump is still receiving pushback after he claimed that he didn’t directly call Meghan “nasty,” as IJR Blue pointed out.

When asked by “Good Morning Britain’s” Piers Morgan about his comment, Trump stood firm on it, saying “no” he doesn’t believe the Dutchess of Sussex is “nasty.”

“And I said, ‘Wow, I didn’t know she was nasty,’” he clarified. “I wasn’t referring to, ‘She’s nasty,’ I said, ‘She was nasty about me.'”

Trump went on to say Meghan is “doing a good job” in her new role.

“I think she’s very nice,” he added.

As IJR Blue also reported on, the president did, however, take aim at the media for their take on his comments while saying his comments weren’t “ambiguous.”

Watch the video below:

Trump also acknowledged that the Royal Family is “really nice” and Prince Harry, Meghan’s husband, “couldn’t have been nicer” during his trip.

Whether or not the president directly meant to call Meghan “nasty,” Trump wasn’t expected to meet with the Duchess of Sussex as she is still on maternity leave.

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Markels friends say she was always a gold digger and attention hoe. She also lied to her husband, her second one at least when she said she never really had a family.
It’s not that she never had a family, she always thought she was better than them. She married into Royalty to prove it.
Congrats to another feline who married success.


as usual ..taken out of context!


as ususl..taken out of context


I think people should let President Trump do the job he was elected to do.


Unlike Obama, who never spoke without a pre-written statement on a teleprompter, Trump speaks off the cuff and occasionally makes mistakes. You try getting up before a nation and speaking when everything you say is analyzed over and over for any mistake that the media can use against you.


When it comes to the media. I would be more surprised if they actually told the truth . Lies and innuendos are the only thing they are good at. They excel at making a non liberal look bad.


I can’t really put a lot of stock in the statements of a writer who can’t spell “Dutchess” correctly. I don’t know why Trump bothers…people know what he meant, the media and the foam-mouthed haters just gotta spin it to make yet another negative Trump headline. It’s really getting old.


I am a lifelong Republican. Trump is NOT a Republican – he is a Trumpican. Republicans HATE tariffs because real Republicans know tariffs are just additional taxes AMERICANS pay – not China – not Mexico – AMERICANS. Trump is cooking up these tariff schemes just to quickly remove them in a few months to give the US economy a bump and thus give him a talking point for the 2020 elections – so all this tariff crap has nothing to do with anything except Trump scambling to get votes. The US needs a real Republican in the White House –… Read more »

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