Trump Criticized Nancy Pelosi While at the Normandy American Cemetery — Pelosi Took the High Road

Both President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) were interviewed at the American Cemetery in Normandy on Thursday, but Trump took the opportunity to bash his political opponents while Pelosi elevated a message of remembrance and bipartisanship.

While in France, Trump got into talking about issues back at home, telling Fox News in an interview that former special counsel Robert Mueller “made such a fool out of himself.” He called the House speaker “nervous Nancy” and doubled down on his criticism of her, as IJR Red noted.

“Nancy Pelosi is a disaster, OK?” Trump told Fox News at the American Cemetery. “She’s a disaster, and let her do what she wants. You know what? I think they’re in big trouble.”

Watch the clip below:

Pelosi was in Normandy leading a bipartisan congressional delegation of nearly 60 House members that visited the D-Day sites to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the historic battle.

In a nearly 10-minute interview with MSNBC at the American Cemetery, Pelosi didn’t mention the president’s name a single time.

Although she was pressed on issues of leadership, immigration, impeachment, NATO, and overall division in the country, the speaker stayed on-message and gave positive answers.

Pelosi began the interview by telling the stories of some D-Day veterans she has met over the years. When pressed on politics, she changed the subject back to them:

“We always have to be hopeful, and being here on the 75th anniversary reminds us that we have an obligation to build a future with peace worthy of the sacrifice that our veterans made then and that our veterans make all the time.”

“We always have to be optimistic and positive because what [the veterans] did was so monumental, and it enables us to have our debates and differences of opinion,” she later added.

Watch the interview below:

Pelosi is at the center of the debate on whether or not Trump will be impeached, as she’s been one of the leading Democrats holding off on the fight. When asked about impeachment by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday, she refused to answer.

“With all due respect to your question, I’m not here to talk about impeachment,” she said. “But I do say that on the subject of our veterans, we always strive to work in a bipartisan way.”

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Nancy is on the ‘high’ road all right.

Willie Horton

She took the high road right after saying she wanted to see Trump in prison. Nice job Lizzie Helmer.

SueZan Stutts
SueZan Stutts

She could not wait to bash him when her feet hit US soil though, saying she didn’t want to impeach him, she wanted him in prison. FOR WHAT NUMBSKULL???? They keep running their mouths about this sort of thing, but cannot tell you what his crime is. Enough is enough!! YOU work for us Nancy, not the other way around. Get you self entitled rear to work, or get home and stay there.


Pelosi holding off on the impeachment idea until she gets permission from AOC – the House Boss.





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