Trump Delivers Annual Thanksgiving Pardon to ‘Butter’

President Donald Trump continued the annual White House tradition of pardoning a turkey ahead of Thanksgiving day. 

Trump opened his remarks by talking about the stock market and wishing the American people a happy Thanksgiving, “It’s always nice to begin by saying that the stock market is up again, we just another record. So we should say that. Very substantially up.”

“On behalf of the entire Trump family, I wish each and every one of you a happy Thanksgiving. It’s going to be a great Thanksgiving.”

Watch the event below:

After mentioning a variety of Congressmen and other attendees, Trump used the event to take some jabs at Congressional Democrats.

“Thankfully, ‘Bread’ and ‘Butter’ have been specially raised by the Jacksons to remain calm under any condition. Which will be very important because they have received subpoenas to appear in Adam Schiff’s basement on Thursday. True. Hundreds of people have. It seems the Democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey. But Bread and Butter, I should note that unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met. Very unusual, very unusual.”

He took a swipe at the media, saying, “In any event, I think this pardon will be very popular with the media. After all, turkeys are closing related to vultures.” 

Trump said the turkeys will go to Virginia Tech, where they will “be cared for and enjoy a terrific life.”

He then turned to a message of thankfulness for the economy and the military.

“This Thanksgiving, we bow our heads in gratitude for the newfound prosperity and spirit that’s taking place all across America. Our country’s never been more successful. Our military’s rebuilt, we captured the number one terrorist in the world and killed the number one terrorist in the world — al-Bagdadi. And I want to thank our military because there’s nothing like our military. I want to thank almighty God for shedding his grace on our nation. Our nation is special and we especially send our love to members of the United States armed forces serving all over the world.”

He continued to thank the families of service members, “We’re forever thankful for those who wear our nation’s uniform, and the families who support them —  the families are so important. It would never be the same without those great families. Because of their selfless service, millions of our fellow Americans are celebrating another wonderful Thanksgiving in safety and peace.”

Shortly before Trump walked over to “grant a full and complete pardon,” Butter hopped to the ground, prompting Trump to say, “Uh-oh that looks like a dangerous bird … it just escaped.”

Former President George H.W. Bush started the modern practice of delivering pardons to turkeys before Thanksgiving in 1989. Before the event, the White House created a poll to decide to let users decide which turkey to spare. 

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contusion- before you think you are a comedian, just remember, you have to make people LAUGH. FAIL, in caps. Better luck next time.

General Confusion

Maybe they pardoned the wrong “turkey” in the WH.


It would have been better had he named it “Impeachment”, bitten out it’s throat, and awarded it’s carcass to Conan or feeding the homeless.


Amazing that the prog/left/lib/dims aren’t shouting out their outrage at this.





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