Trump Gives Dems an Ultimatum: Pass an Immigration Plan or Watch the GOP Do It After Sweeping the Election

President Donald Trump warned Democrats that if they don’t help him pass new immigration laws, they might be watching a new Republican majority pass them after the 2020 election.

During an address at the White House, Trump outlined his plan to overhaul the immigration system in the United States.

As IJR previously reported, the southern border has been in a state of crisis as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities hit capacity and Border Patrol agents are forced to release migrants into the country while they await trial. More than 1 percent of the populations of Honduras and Guatemala have already arrived in the U.S., and the flow of migrants doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Trump proposed securing the border and changing U.S. immigration policy to a merit-based system instead of a family-based system, along with other major changes to the immigration laws in the U.S.

His message to Democrats was clear: get to work on new immigration laws or get prepared to lose re-election.

Watch Trump’s remarks below:

“Many of the Democrats have claimed to be for these concepts at different times in their careers — and, in many cases, in very recent history. And I hope that they will end up joining me and all of the people gathered together today in putting politics aside, putting security and wages first, and pursuing these historic reforms. It’s time. And if for some reason — possibly political — we can’t get the Democrats to approve this merit-based, high-security plan, then we will get it approved immediately after the election when we take back the House, keep the Senate, and, of course, hold the presidency.”

The president joked that he hoped it wouldn’t take until 2021 for Democrats to move forward with Republicans on immigration reform.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to do it sooner than that?” Trump joked. “But it’s not a very long time, is it? Sixteen months.”

Trump noted that he sees his proposal as a major overhaul to the immigration system. While he acknowledged that his plan could take a long time to approve, he would support slimmer legislative packages — like Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) recent plan — in the meantime.

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Sometimes I wish President Trump would just keep his mouth shut. The less he says about the failures of the demoncraps in Congress now the more ammunition he has come 2020. If the demoncraps in Congress came together with the Republicans and solved the immigration laws that would be a huge talking point for the demoncrap candidates in 2020, for all positions not just President.


The small town of Deming, NM (Pop. 15,000) has been tasked with taking care of 170 Invaders dumped on them by CBP. The ranchers next door in Hidalgo County have pleaded for help to fend off the Invaders with no attention being paid to the border problem by their newly elected female Hispanic Governor. NO ONE expected the Socialists who are beholden to their “sugar daddy” – George Soros – to help solve the crisis at the border as they NEED additional voters for their base (and recurring fraud) and for the POWER they feel they are entitled to wield.… Read more »

Mike Wukitsch

It is about time that we created a comprehensive immigration plan that puts our country’s needs first. Merit based immigration must replace chain migration and unregulated admissions. Part of that plan must include E-verify and penalties against companies/corporations…penalties that really impact their bottom line, with their continued violations.

Phyllis Softa

The opposition to Jared’s plan is bipartisan. When Senators Blumenthal and Graham are both saying it is DOA, it’s DOA in 2019 AND 2021. When you don’t have the business community support of the plan, its DOA. When Silicon Valley is opposed to the plan Jared targeted for immigrants FOR THEM, it’s DOA. It was presented to only R’s yesterday and they panned it. If Jared and Stephen were actually looking for Democrat support it would have addressed DACA. It does not.





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