Trump Thinks Dems Are in ‘Big Trouble’ If ‘Fool’ Mueller Testifies: ‘Nervous Nancy’ Is a ‘Disaster’

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President Donald Trump went after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as Congress weighs having special counsel Robert Mueller testify on his investigation into Russian election meddling during an interview with Fox News on Thursday.

When asked if he has any qualms with Mueller testifying, Trump tore into the “fool” for holding a press conference to clear up the findings in his report last month.

“Let me tell you, he made such a fool out of himself,” Trump said. “Because what people don’t report is the letter he had to do to straighten out his testimony because his testimony was wrong.”

The president then turned his ire to the Democrats, and gave Pelosi a new nickname in the interview, saying that the way that she has handled the release of the report is not beneficial for the country.

“Nancy Pelosi, I call her Nervous Nancy, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t talk about it,” said Trump. “Nancy Pelosi is a disaster, ok? She’s a disaster. Let her do what she wants, you know what? I think they’re in big trouble.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Pelosi seems to be considering moving forward with impeachment based off of the report. However,

Watch his comments:

According to Mueller during the press conference, he is closing the investigation and is retiring, as IJR Red previously reported.

“I am speaking out today because our investigation is complete,” Mueller said. “The attorney general has made the report on our investigation largely public. We are formally closing the special counsel’s office and as well I’m resigning from the Department of Justice to return to private life.”

Yet Mueller seemed to be intentionally vague about the report’s findings, claiming, “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Pelosi reportedly met with other Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday to decide whether to move forward with impeachment. Although Pelosi in the past had been reluctant to move forward, her recent disagreements with the president may be wearing thin the lawmaker’s patience.

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I’m surprised the MSM doesn’t try to talk to the President in front of a blue-screen and have flies buzzing around his head when they air it.

Phyllis Softa

Trump thinks about issue important to him…insults and nicknames. When can we change the channel on this TV reality horror show we find ourselves watching?





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