Trump Touts 2020 Election Odds at Rally, Doesn’t Understand ‘How the Hell’ He Could Lose Despite Latest Data

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Touting his reelection odds, President Donald Trump doesn’t know “how the hell” he could “lose this election” — but polling predicts there are some clear paths.

During a Pennsylvania rally on Monday, Trump endorsed congressional candidate Fred Keller in an upcoming special election but also did what he does best: promote the Trump campaign — along with bashing and attacking the Democrats, the FBI, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Trump went on to explain why he believes he won’t have a problem winning the election.

“Politics is a crazy world,” the president said, as he argued that he will face an easier path to reelection than most politicians because he has “the best employment numbers” and “unemployment numbers in history.”

“I don’t know, how the hell do you lose this election, right?” Trump stated as he talked up his odds of winning — but a plethora of polls show that he may not fare as favorably as he believes.

According to eight reputable polling sources, the apparent front-runner of the Democratic race, Joe Biden, leads Trump in every single one of them — including Fox News — with recently projected leads of anywhere between 5% and 13%.

Furthermore, according to FiveThirtyEight, Trump currently holds an approval rating of 41.8%, with a 53.4% disapproval rating, with overall net approval of -11.6%. To put it in perspective, during the same mark of his presidency, former President Barack Obama held a 50.6% approval rating with a net approval of 7.4%.

Trump seems very unconcerned about the polling analysis though, as he joked about serving up to five terms as president and his ability to “sell many, many more hats” because of it.

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Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes are definitely something that Trump has to worry about, as he won in 2016 by less than one percentage point, and Biden currently holds a projected 11 point lead over him in the state, cited by the most recent Quinnipiac University poll.

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