Trump Economy Keeps Posting Strong Numbers ― With Almost 3 Out of 4 New Workers Coming From the Sidelines

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The White House is quite proud of the economic success the United States has seen under the leadership of President Donald Trump, and it’s not being shy about its success.

On Twitter, the White House posted several clips of White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett’s interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. Hassett broke down several economic markers from the 2019 White House economic report.

Hassett explained to Bartiromo that the 700-plus-page analysis broke down why the Trump administration was able to achieve 3 percent economic growth compared to the 1 percent growth that was the norm prior to Trump’s election.

Watch the video below:

“President Trump came into office with economic growth in the ones, and economic growth jumped up to the threes, and then the question is why. We’ve got, as you mentioned, 700 pages of analysis that talk about all the policies that President Trump has changed and how they affect the economy, and so the tax cuts are there, deregulation is there — there’s a chapter on that. […] There’s a lot of good news in the report, and it also connects, logically and theoretically, the policies that we’re doing to the great economy that we’re seeing.”

The White House took a jab at critics who claimed it wasn’t possible for the U.S. economy to obtain 3 percent growth and sustain it throughout the first two years of the Trump administration, claiming that the critics were “0-2” on their negative predictions.

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“We’re very confident that [the growth] will continue. I know that right now, we’re saying we have a 3 percent year ahead, and everybody’s saying, ‘Oh, no, no. It’s going to be two. You’re higher than blue-chip [stocks].’ But they said the same thing last year, and they said same thing the year before. So far, we’re 2-for-2.”

Hassett attributed the sustained economic success to the fact that many workers who had been sidelined in years past have since rejoined the economy.

These “sidelined” Americans are workers who had completely dropped from the employment metrics, like the unemployment rate, after they stopped looking for work. As the economy grew, those workers returned to the employment field en masse, making it so that 73 percent of new jobs are being filled by formerly sidelined workers.

Watch below:

“That’s one of the best news stories that I can remember in the economy going all the way back into the ’90s. In the most recent data, in a typical month, 73 percent of the people who get a job […] come from off the sidelines. And when we came into the White House, everybody said, ‘You can’t grow more than 1 [percent] because you’re never going to find the workers because all those people are stuck on the sidelines.’ Reconnecting those people to fulfillment and work and self-sufficiency is one of the real great accomplishments of this economy and this president.”

While there is no guarantee that the Trump administration will be able to deliver on its promise of 3 percent growth again by the end of 2019, it is clear that it has the ability to follow through on some of its lofty expectations when it comes to the U.S. economy.

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