Trump Election Protesters Smash Police Cruiser, Light Federal Building on Fire and Storm City Hall in Oakland

Trump election protests have risen up to a new level of ferocity on Thursday.

Tens of thousands of frustrated Americans have taken to the streets to express their shock and outrage at Donald Trump being elected The President of the United States.

How much have the protests swelled? Chicago was effectively “shut down” on Wednesday.

Los Angeles traffic this morning was cut off by protesters on the 101 freeway.

The protests in the cities of New York and Chicago, as well as in Seattle, Austin, Denver, as well as across California, have not yet broken out into open vandalism and destruction of public property, despite the appearance of violent rhetoric and imagery (such as hanging and burning Trump in effigy).

That has not been the case, however, in Oakland. Daily Californian reporter Chantelle Lee provided stunning video of protesters smashing a police cruiser and ‘lighting it on fire’:

Protesters started a fire after they had smashed a window in a building, according to footage released by another Daily Californian reporter.

A theater building was crashed.

The windows of a cafe and other local businesses were smashed in.

As well as those at a Walgreens.

Dumpster fires were started. Literally.

The protesters stormed City Hall and began breaking windows, before police showed up to put a stop to it.

Then to top it off, the criminals set a federal building on fire.

It’s another sad case of political division fomenting into open destruction and the brink of rioting and violence.

While accusing Donald Trump of being racist and sexist, these protesters have decided to make their case through violent imagery and crime. It’s not exactly the most sympathetic way to make an argument.

What do you think?

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