‘But No, She Lost’: Trump Flattens Clinton for Claiming 2016 Election Was ‘Stolen’ from Her

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The president is not letting his 2016 Democratic contender Hillary Clinton have the last word after she suggested the previous presidential election was “stolen.”

Clinton shared during Saturday’s “Evening with the Clinton’s” event in Los Angeles the thoughts on the election that she tells to 2020 Democratic hopefuls: “You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you,” as IJR Red reported.

President Donald Trump laid into Clinton for her remark as he told the crowd at his Florida rally on Wednesday night that “she lost.”

“Hillary Clinton is still going up, ‘Ahhh, I think they stole the election,'”Trump said. “But no, she lost. She lost.” He suggested, “The next time she’s gotta go to Wisconsin to campaign.”

He continued:

“In all fairness her husband Bill, who is a good politician, they didn’t listen to him. He said, ‘You better go to Wisconsin, you better go to Michigan. I’m seeing a lot of things out there … I see a lot of Trump-Pence signs’ … And they sorta said, ‘What the hell does he know?’ But he’s a pro, he’s a pro.”

Watch the video below:

Former Secretary of State Clinton was previously slapped with four Pinocchios by The Washington Post for being “wrong on multiple levels” when she claimed in early March that she lost in the 2016 election due to voter suppression in Wisconsin, as IJR Red reported.

She said at the time:

“I was the first person who ran for president without the protection of the Voting Rights Act, and I will tell you it makes a really big difference […] it made a difference in Wisconsin, where the best studies that have been done said somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 people were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up to stop a fellow American citizen from voting.”

While Wisconsin typically leans Democrat, but Trump defeated Clinton in the state by less than a percent.

“Nevertheless, Clinton made several factual errors, offered questionable claims about a couple of studies, and ended up giving a misleading assessment of her loss,” The Post wrote.

As for her most recent comment, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway responded, blasting Clinton as “an overestimated, underwhelming candidate who had this unbelievable, fierce, intractable inability to connect with Americans,” as IJR Red reported.

“She lost that election fairly and squarely, and when she says that election was stolen from her to hoots and hollers from the audience, she’s playing a dangerous game,” Conway said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.” “Here she is two and half years later, literally will not accept the election results because she lost.”

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Laura Sealey

I think the whole party has jumped the shark…


Theft? What was it Swillary did to Bernie?


The word delusional comes to mind.

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