Trump Says That If Obama Killed Al-Baghdadi ‘It Would Be a Two Year Story — With Me, I Got a Day’

Tom Brenner/File Photo/Reuters

On Friday, President Donald Trump called in to “Fox & Friends” for an interview that stretched for nearly an hour.

During that lengthy call, the president made a number of odd remarks and peddled the conspiracy theory that Ukraine has the DNC server. At another point, he complained that the media didn’t pay enough attention to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed by American soldiers during a raid in late October.

Almost comically, Trump aired his complaint after host Ainsley Earhardt asked him a question about the border wall. Trump answered, “We’ve built almost a hundred miles of wall, it’s going up fast, the Army Corps of Engineers is doing it. We have the funding — took it out of the military — you know, I’ve re-built the military, that’s another thing we’ve done.”

From there he pivoted, declaring, “We defeated ISIS, we took the caliphate, we just took out al-Baghdadi. I don’t want it, I don’t want it frankly, but if Obama did al-Baghdadi — the biggest terrorist in the last hundred years — if Obama did it, it would be a two-year story — with me I got a day, not that it matters.”

Here’s a clip of that rant:

During a celebratory ceremony, Trump outlined the raid and said that al-Baghdadi killed himself as American troops were closing in. Trump earned praise after the American troops killed al-Baghdadi, even though not everybody was happy about the entire story.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was upset that congressional leaders were not told about the raid that took down al-Baghdadi before it took place. The top Intel lawmakers are usually notified of even the most top-secret raids. Instead, Trump told the Russians that American troops were going into their territory to get al-Baghdadi. Pelosi later called on Trump to brief Congress on the raid.

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Phyllis Softa

This entire phone call was bizarre. I hesitate to call it an interview, as the hosts were not afforded an opportunity to ask many questions. Trump appeared to believe he was at one of his rallies and the hosts should just cheer.

General Confusion

“I am confused. WTF is King Donald The Loser talking about?” Me

“You losing Democrats are the losers.” James

Thanks for NOT answering my question, James. You were so enlightening.

General Confusion

I am confused. WTF is King Donald The Loser talking about? Obama did not go around bragging about killing bin Laden for two years and the press didn’t linger on it much, either. There were one or two movies made about it, but that should be expected. I don’t think the media will make as much of a big deal about the hunt for al-Baghdadi. He just isn’t in the same class as bin Laden. There was a book and movie made about the years-long hunt of the Israelis tracking down the Munich Olympic murderers and that didn’t go far,… Read more »





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