WINNING: Trump Gains Approval Among Latino Voters in Midst of Shutdown over Border Wall

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In the midst of the partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Latino voters hiked, even as the president pushes for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

President Trump is standing firm in the 28th day of the partial government shutdown as he battles against Democrats over his proposed $5.7 billion to construct a wall at the southern border.

The president has gained support since December 2018, when only 31 percent of Latino Americans approved of President Trump.

A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll conducted in early January 2019 reveals the numbers jumped to 50 percent approval rating by Latino Americans.

As the president’s approval increased among Latino, his approval among Black Americans dipped from 19 percent approval to 11 percent. Additionally, his approval among White Americans decreased from 50 percent approval to 40 percent.

President Trump’s approval among Republicans also took a hit going from approval of 90 percent to 83 percent.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

A recent poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post shows that in the midst of the government shutdown, 42 percent of Americans support the construction of the wall along the southern border — setting a record high, up from 37 percent in 2017.

This is the longest shutdown in history as congressional Democrats continue to reject the president’s push for border wall funding — the Democrat-held House has tried passing legislation to end the shutdown, however, none have been approved in the Republican-held Senate, as they didn’t include wall funding.

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Rocky Drummond

Don’t get too excited. There are a lot of conservative Latinos depending on the area. Cubans in Florida are very conservative, for example.





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