Trump Goes Full Trump in Nearly Hour-Long ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview

In a wide-ranging Friday phone-in interview with his favorite morning show, “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump continued his tirades against Democrats and the news media, took credit for preventing Hong Kong from being “obliterated,” and said “the biggest scandal in the history of our country” is imminent.

Trump spent a chunk of the interview continuing his criticism of the former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich, calling her an “Obama person” and “not an angel.” He berated her several times for not hanging his portrait in the US Embassy in Kiev.

He also described as “fake, disgusting news” reports that he had a health emergency last weekend, and lashed out at both CNN and MSNBC (“I made them so much money on ‘The Apprentice’”) for reporting rumors that he said frightened the First Lady.

Trump called Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who is leading the impeachment inquiry, a “sick-puppy. … He makes it all up. He’s sick. There’s something wrong with him.”

He said a coming report from the Department of Justice surrounding the Russia probe will be “perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country. … It’s historic.”

Trump said it was only because of his intervention with the Chinese government that Hong Kong hasn’t been “obliterated.”

Oh, and he also said his border wall is now electrified, prompting befuddled looks from the show’s hosts.

You can watch the full, 50-minute interview here:

Trump closed the interview by saying his advisor, Kellyanne Conway, is “married to a whack-job” and promising that Vice President Mike Pence will be his running mate in the 2020 election.

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General Confusion

I am confused.

So the king sitting on his golden throne had nearly a whole free hour in his “busy” just to ramble on and on and spew his nonsense? When does he get to work?





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