The Tap Water at Trump’s Golf Course Contains a Highly-Toxic Chemical: Report

Leah Millis/Reuters

President Donald Trump’s golf courses have a history of less-than-stellar health inspections. The most notable instance is, of course, the complaint of bedbugs at his Doral resort in Florida. But that got worse this week when a report broke that the tap water at one of Trump’s resorts contains a toxic chemical.

A report first surfaced by the Environmental Working Group — a nonprofit focused on the environment — that the tap water in Trump’s New Jersey golf course contains perfluorooctanoic acid. The group says that the chemical was “detected on three separate occasions between January and September of this year.”

There is no legal limit for the chemical, which was used in cooking ware and first started appearing in the 1960’s. In a statement, EWG President Ken Cook said: “the discovery of PFAS contaminants at Trump’s garish country club has given us a new ‘Teflon Don.'”

Cook added, “President Trump could at least give his members filtered drinking water free of cancer-causing chemicals. But, if he’s going to refuse to enact policies to clean up drinking water contamination for the rest of the country, why should the foursome waiting to tee off on the back nine be treated any different?”

In addition to Trump’s courses, the chemical was also found at some schools. According to the Environmental Working Group, New Jersey has the highest concentration of the chemical of any state.

Even as president, it’s hard to separate Donald Trump-the-world-leader from Donald Trump the golf course magnate. Almost weekly, the president plays golf at his clubs and he even tried to hold a summit of world leaders at his course in Florida — he called that off after bipartisan criticism ensued.

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General Confusion

On September 12 of this year, King Donald The Loser’s administration rolled back regulations about water protections. Exactly one MONTH after getting into office, his administration started cutting back on water protection regulations for coal miners. Even recently the administration made it even easier for them to pollute water.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Rules and regulations are there for a reason – TO PROTECT US! This isn’t confusing.





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