Trump Holds Pennsylvania Campaign Rally Ahead of Close Special Election

President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening, supporting Republican Rick Saccone for Tuesday’s House special election and looking forward to his 2020 reelection campaign:

The race for the 18th district in Pennsylvania has tightened, with some polls putting Democrat Conor Lamb over Saccone in the seat vacated by Tim Murphy (R).

The rally at an airport outside of Pittsburgh was designed as a way for the president to boost Saccone before the election that could offer a forecast of November’s midterm elections.

And while the president spent plenty of time praising the Republican candidate’s loyalty to the Trump agenda, the rally quickly took on the aspect of a campaign speech for the 2020 presidential election.

“But our new slogan, when we start running it, can you believe it, two years from now, is going to be: ‘Keep America Great,’ exclamation point. ‘Keep America great,'” Trump announced, looking ahead to 2020. “But we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values and that is why we have to defeat Nancy Pelosi.”

Trump spent most of the speech touting a wide range of issues, from North Korea and immigration (with chants of “Build that wall”) to taxes and tariffs.

He also spent a considerable amount of time slamming his opponents, including Lamb, who he dubbed “Lamb the Sham.”

“He’s weak on crime. He’s weak on the border. He’s weak on the Second Amendment,” Trump said of Lamb, adding that “Pelosi’s party in Congress is full of people who tell their voters one thing during the election and they go to Washington and vote lockstep.”

Trump made a point of emphasizing the effect of the tariffs on steel and aluminum he signed on Thursday, arguing that Pennsylvania will benefit as factories are reopened and steel industry employees go back to work.

But from the rock music blaring as he left the stage to his raucous shaming of the “Fake News” media, Saturday’s rally recalled the classic moments during Trump’s 2016 campaign, almost reducing the Saccone-Lamb race to an afterthought.

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