Former Schumer Aide Admits Dems Are All Talk on Impeachment as It May Come Back to Bite Them in 2020


According to a former aide of Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrats’ threats of pushing forward with President Donald Trump’s impeachment will only hurt their chances of keeping the House majority in 2020.

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Christopher Hahn shared his opinion on reports that Democrats are eager to start the process.

Hahn claimed that he did not think “we are at a point where impeachment would be a real thing.” Currently, there is no strong evidence to support that Trump has done anything to warrant impeachment since being in office.


“Barring some major revelation in the Mueller report, I don’t think you will see impeachment on the agenda for the next Congress,” said Hahn.

The former aide also pointed out that Nancy Pelosi has not been extremely supportive of the recent impeachment rhetoric, and in order for Trump to be impeached, there must be bipartisan support. Even if the House brought charges against Trump, it would ultimately be voted on by the Republican-controlled Senate.

However, if Democrats do attempt to move forward with the impeachment process, Hahn does not predict a good future for the party. He said that if this happens, it will most likely “lead to the Democrats losing their majority and Donald Trump being re-elected.”

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