I’m a Leader With ‘Common Sense’: Trump Hits Back at Critics of His Call to Pull Out of Iran Attack

President Donald Trump defended his decision to stop an attack on Iran while speaking to reporters on Saturday.

Iran shot down a drone over international waters on Thursday, prompting American officials to plan an attack on the country. However, the president stopped the attack due to the possible casualties.

He tweeted out his reasoning, saying that there were consequences for the action and that he was not going to rush into war.

“I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world,” Trump wrote. “Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!”

While speaking to reporters outside the White House, he responded to critics, saying that he was trying to come up with the best solution for the country.

“Everybody was saying I’m a warmonger, and now they say I’m a dove,” Trump said. “And I think I’m neither, if you want to know the truth. I’m a man with common sense, and that’s what we need in this country is common sense.”

The president also claimed that “didn’t like the idea” of potentially killing over a hundred people.

Watch the video below:

He was also questioned about his national security adviser John Bolton, citing reports that many have criticized him. The president defended the confidence that he has in Bolton, and while he admitted that he is a “hawk,” Trump wanted to take a more balanced approach.

“John Bolton is doing a very good job, but generally takes a tough posture. I have here people who don’t have that posture. But the only one that matters is me, because I’ll listen to everybody.”

As IJR Red reported, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that the president’s game plan for Iran is focusing on “long-term” goals.


  1. I think there may be a question of a false flag. Not everyone wants President Trump to win re-election.

  2. I get his reasoning but there are just people in this world words can never reach nor can sanctions. They have stilled managed to keep their war machine running the only ones who suffer during sanctions are the general population who are already suffering under a dictator who’s also a religious fanatic. I get it he’s trying to appeal to voters for re election but Iran needs crushed plain and simple so does north Korea hell even China does.

  3. Trump is a lying criminal and is neither a leader or has common sense. Guaranteed that Trump’s Russian handlers made him back off. Putin has substantial business in Iran.

  4. No matter what President Trump does or does not do, his critics will not like it.

    1. I am a critic. When he does something that makes sense, I applaud the decision. This is one a 5 times his action has made sense. I even said earlier that I did not care WHY he changed his mind, even if his explanation did not make sense. It is what he DOES, not what he says.

    2. That is entirely inaccurate. Brennan is a critic and “applauded” Trump pulling back as reported on IJR. I have not read of any D that criticized NOT going to war with Iran.

  5. about time we had a level headed president that can look at all sides of a situation and come up with a decision that may be a bit unpopular but makes sense when you look at it from his situation. Bravo Mr. President hang in there we are with you.

    1. It is only unpopular with the hawks—Graham, Bolton, Pompeo, Cotton. et al. But it was their advice that got him to leave the JCPOA. Mattis, McMaster and Tillerson advised against it. They are gone.

  6. Common sense live leaving an out during negotiations is beyond too many.

    There’s also the negative effect of starting a conflict during an election.

    The US can easily retaliate without declaring war or putting boots on the ground.

    1. Starting a conflict during an election has NOT proven to be a negative effect. See Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign.

      1. …and how did those conflicts work out? Oh wait, we’re still dealing with the aftermath 15 years later.

        1. The conflicts worked out very poorly for Bush/Cheney AFTER they were re-elected. But they used it to get re-elected. How could you forget that? The wars & unpaid tax cuts added to the worst recession since the Great Depression. Bush got re-elected, but he left office with a 29% approval rating. As Rasmussen put it, “Cheney’s approval rating was down to his immediate family.”

      2. So Phil…you’re pushing for war with Iran? I knew you were anti-American, but now know how much.

        Will you, your family, friends, relatives volunteer to be first on the ground? Not likely.

        1. Reading comprehension is certainly not YOUR strong suit. I disagree with your claim that a war would hurt the incumbent. The Iraq War did help Bush/Cheney in re-election. Iraq was a mess in 2004 but they ran on a platform of not changing administration during a war. Secondly, there is NOT a single posting where I supported Bolton, Pompeo Graham or Cotton’s long history of supporting war against Iran. I have consistently SUPPORTED the JCPOA’s non-military action to denuclearize Iran. The consequences of getting out of the agreement were KNOWN. Trump did it anyway against the advice of Mattis, McMaster and Tillerson. Trump replaced them with hard line hawks. I have consistently SUPPORTED Trump standing up to Bolton and Pompeo. I have applauded his action. So where did you get the idea that challenging your assertion that a war would hurt Trump’s chances equated to support of a war in Iran?

        2. My great-grandfathers served in the U.S. military. My maternal grandfather served in WWI and since he did not have a son able to serve in WWII he again volunteered to serve. My father served in Korea and my brother served in Vietnam. You do not know my family, or ME, for that matter. On what are you basing your VERY UNINFORMED conclusion?

  7. The Iranians attack 2 tankers in the Gulf, then they shoot down one of our drones. If all this does not add up to an act of war, what does? Trump is all bark and no bite. Letting the Iranians off Scott free is a huge mistake. We need to find someone with a set of balls soon. 2020 is not too far away. It’s crystal clear Trump does not have what it takes to win against the Democrats or the Iranians.

    1. The tankers are not US, Japan, and Norway, why not ask them if they should take care of their own?

      1. If I’m remember correctly, Norway is broke due to its healthcare for all bulls hit and Japan can’t do anything that is offensive due to its agreement with the U S after WWII. I’ll bet that Trump is considering mining the Straight of Houmuse. That would put more hurt on Iran than they want. We will see, but Trump isn’t the puss that Ovomit is, so we know that he isn’t going to put up with this crap forever.

      1. It depends on the state,athough federally is another matter.

        Stupid is a “crime” enforced by the public, circumstances, and natural selection.

    2. You left out unlawful detention of a US naval vessel and its personnel.

      No sane person desires war when alternatives exist. Crush them economically, i.e. sanctions. Obliterate their means to make war. i.e. their military bases, missile launch sites, and ports for their patrol boats.

      Like those Dims calling for gun confiscation (Biden, Swalwell, Harris, etc.) the “hawks” will never suit up and kick in a door. Calling for actions someone else pays for is cowardice.

    3. Well aren’t you a sad little bob. As with so many Democrats you skew the facts. If he considers it an act of war then your uninformed comrades would condemn him for it.

    4. Bob. He’s not letting them off Scott free. He’s adding more sanctions. Most Americans do not want more war, especially with Iran. Think about it. Do you think a Democrat President would retaliate differently from President Trump? Bernie and Joe would just go back to the old way of appeasing and allowing nuclear weapons. I’d rather have a President who barks a lot and waits to see whether his bark will deter without having to take a bite.

    5. Trump is big on bluster, but that is what his supporters want. One of the tankers attack is owned by a Japanese firm. The owner and the Japanese govt is not in agreement with your assessment. Were you thinking the Iranians were declaring a war against Japan? Trump has voiced his opinion that the drone attack could be the action of a hard line General. I have to agree with the possibility since Iran has its hawks just as U.S. has our die hard hawks. Trump ran on many things he has abandoned, but not getting us in another war in the Middle East is one, to date, he still supports.

    6. Bob, and your expertise comes from where???

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