Trump is Giving Up Something After He’s Sworn Into Oval Office–And Hillary Should Pay Attention

Donald Trump has decided — at least according to an anonymous friend who spoke to the Associated Press — that as he assumes the presidency, he’s giving up his smartphone.

Perhaps if Hillary Clinton had made the same decision when she became Secretary of State, we might very well have a different president-elect, but I digress.

As reported by AP:

On Thursday, [Trump] told the friend that he had given up his phone, as security agencies had urged him to do.

It was unclear whether he was following the lead of President Barack Obama, the nation’s first cellphone-toting president, who exchanged his personal device for a Blackberry heavily modified for security purposes.

Speaking of “Blackberrys,” let’s get back to Hillary, for a minute.

Image Credit: AFP,Stringer/Getty Images

Remember when Hillary first claimed that she used a personal email account while Secretary of State because she “thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two”?

As we now know, that was nonsense. Not only did Hillary use multiple devices, her aides destroyed multiple of them. With hammers.

Interestingly, Trump is on record of saying he doesn’t use email. Then again, before he’s finished, he’ll surely become a member of the “Twitter Hall of Fame.” Yes, America, the Tweeter-in-Chief has vowed to keep ’em coming.

What do you think?

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