Trump Is Set to Announce His Supreme Court Nominee Soon. Here Are Some of His Top Picks.

President Donald Trump announced that he would announce his nomination for the Supreme Court Justice Tuesday via a tweet Monday morning:

The Supreme Court seat has been vacant since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February 2016. Last March, Republicans halted President Obama from filling the seat with his nominee, Judge Merrick Garland.

During his campaign, President Trump announced his top choices. It’s buzzing around that his top picks include:

1. Judge Neil M. Gorsuch

Neil M. Gorsuch serves on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado. He is 49 years old, which would make him the youngest Supreme Court nominee. He is an opponent of over-criminalization. Gorsuch has been referred to as Justice Antonin Scalia “intellectual equal.”

2. Judge Diane Sykes

Diane Sykes is currently working on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and was appointed by President George W. Bush. She backed a voter ID law and also wrote an order that granted employers the ability limit workers access to birth control coverage due to religious beliefs. Sykes would be the fifth woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justices if selected.

3. Judge William Pryor

William Pryor is an alumnus of Northeast Louisiana University and Tulane University Law School. He is most known for his stance on abortion. He called the notable Roe v. Wade decision “the worst example of judicial activism.” Opposers of Pryor say that he could reverse many decisions surrounding women’s health. Pryor serves on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and is an active member of the Federalist Society. Pryor has let it be known:

“I am a conservative, and I believe in the strict separation of governmental powers.”

4. Judge Thomas Hardiman

Thomas Hardiman graduated from Notre Dame and Georgetown, and comes from a blue-collar working family in Massachusetts. Since 2007, Hardiman has worked as a judge in Philadelphia, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. He is seen as a more neutral judge and hasn’t taken a stance on abortion.

According to an interview with MSNBC host, President Trump’s decision will not be met without opposition. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he would continue to fight against Trump’s nomination as he sees fit:

“‘Well, the consequences are going to be down the road, the consequences are going to be down the road,’ Schumer said. ‘We are not going to settle on a Supreme Court nominee. If they don’t appoint someone who is really good, we’re going to oppose him tooth-and-nail.'”

According to Politico, republicans met this Friday at the National Republican Senatorial Committee to discuss strategy. As he gears up for his announcement, supporters are prepared to unload $10 million in advertising campaigns to endorse President Trump’s nominees.

The announcement will be made tomorrow evening, and it will be shown live from the White House.

Currently, there is one open seat for the next justice. However, since three other court justices are elderly, President Trump could end up having to appoint up to four seats.

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