‘I Don’t Think of Him’: Trump Says He Doesn’t Bring Up John McCain Despite Frequent Attacks

President Donald Trump‘s United Kingdom trip has been clogged with state dinners, protests, and the presence of his adult children, but the commander in chief also took the time to sit down with British news host Piers Morgan.

Morgan is a host of “Good Morning Britain” and is often friendly to Trump, but during an interview with the president this week, he didn’t pull any punches. The host pressed Trump about his transgender military ban and the president’s criticism of the late Sen. John McCain.

“I knew Sen. John McCain well,” the host began. “I liked him, I respect him, I quite enjoyed your battle with him when he was alive.” He then followed up by asking Trump if it’s appropriate that the president is still attacking McCain in death.

“I don’t attack him, people ask me, like you’re asking me,” Trump shot back. “I didn’t bring his name up, you did. You brought his name up — John McCain. So I’m not attacking him at all. I don’t think about him.”

But immediately after, Trump attacked McCain.

“I was not a fan, I didn’t like what he did to health care, I didn’t like how he handled the veterans,” he said. “[…] If you don’t ask me about John McCain, I would never talk about him.”

Here’s a clip of the exchange:

Of course, Trump frequently attacks McCain, and he’s not always responding to questions. In March, he quoted former independent counsel Ken Starr and went on to attack the late senator, saying “he had far worse ‘stains’ than this.”

A few days after that, he attacked McCain during a rally in Ohio and said that he didn’t get a “thank you” for approving certain funeral arrangements, adding moments later that he “wasn’t a fan of John McCain.”

Of course, that feud famously began before Trump was even president. In 2015, he said McCain wasn’t a war hero and quipped, “I like people who weren’t captured.”

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Birdy Daniel
Birdy Daniel

A person can’t change once he dies. Don’t expect anyone’s opinion of him to change. Leave him alone and stop asking Trump about him.


The MSM has to keep this alive in hopes of siphoning off votes in the 2020 election.





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