Trump Jokes That Biden Is ‘Not Playing With a Full Deck’ After Latest Gaffe

Jonathan Ernst/Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

President Donald Trump is mocking former Vice President Joe Biden (D) over his latest gaffe.

Biden isn’t new to making blunder’s in speeches, but his latest drew a lot of reaction.

During Thursday’s campaign speech, the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful slipped up his words, leading to a noticeable pause and a jump to fix his words, as IJR Red previously reported.

“We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it,” Biden said. “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids — wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.”

In case you missed it:

Biden’s fumble over words didn’t go unnoticed, as Twitter users lit him up over it.

“Yikes…have fun mitigating that one,” Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign Rapid Response Director Andrew Clark tweeted.

The president also weighed in, telling reporters outside of the White House on Friday, “Joe is not playing with a full deck. He made that comment, I said ‘woah.'”

Trump added, “This is not somebody you can have as your president, but if he got the nomination I’d be thrilled.”

See Trump’s comments below:

Biden and Trump have exchanged barbs, as the former vice president claimed during Wednesday’s speech in Iowa that the president “offers no moral leadership” and is someone who has “a toxic tongue” and “has publicly and unapologetically embraced the political strategy of hate, racism, and division.”

In response, Trump said, “Watching Sleepy Joe Biden making a speech. Sooo Boring!”

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Qaz Wiz

I say the odds are about 5.5 to 46…. that’s “five point five years to 46th president of the United States”

Tom Bodine

About 40 of 52 I’d say. ?


To Charles,

Joe is speaking his own bigotry/racism/classism. He just doesn’t realize it.

Equating poor people with “not white”, then holding whites as an example are SERIOUS examples of racism. Whether through “low expectations” or his “whites are the standard” he’s a racist.


To guest TomB2,

Joe is the Dim’s hope to win moderates and those who voted for Trump in 2016. I’m hoping he’s gonna go down like Kerry, another “moderate”.

What can one say about Joe? He actually said he’d choose “truth”over facts in IA. Either he’s fantasizing that his “truth” is a real thing (it’s not) or he’s ignoring facts AND reality. He cannot have both.


The slip of the tongue shows where Biden really stands. He equates poor with being a minority and rich/successful being white. I guess he thinks all those athletes, rappers, actors and other celebs are still poor because they’re minorities. After all he’s from the party that gave us the Civil War because Democrats didn’t want give up their cheap labor, cheated freed slaves out of their 40 acres and a mule, voted against giving blacks the vote and created the KKK. Of course he would immediately think of the poor as being black, someone to use to get elected. Maybe… Read more »

Tom Bodine

Proving for the one thousandth time that he is a brick short and you have to love Trumps comment about the fool.


Joe is literally the Dims “great white hope” yet one must question their choice.

After decades in Congress his career culminated in holding Obozo’s coat. He’s had to walk back and defend his voting record. If the Dims determine he can’t beat Trump then his candidacy and support evaporates.

Gropin’ Joe is a gaffe machine. He called Dayton Toledo at a rally. He bemoaned the recent shootings in Houston and Michigan (both wrong). He may not top Obozo’s “fifty-seven states” but he’s way ahead on points and lifetime record.


There’s an insidious form of racism called “the bigotry of low expectations”. Joe lives this.

Nice bank shot though. He dunked the poor while holding up his white supremacist mentality. “Just as bright and just as talented as white kids….” says everything about his underlying racism.





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