‘He Should Be Prosecuted’: Trump Accuses John Kerry of Violating Logan Act by Speaking With Iran


President Donald Trump came out swinging against former Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday, accusing the former State Department head of violating the Logan Act by speaking to Iran.

While taking questions at the White House on Thursday, Trump said that he would like to see Iran “call” him before going after Kerry — who served under former President Obama — accusing him of “violat[ing] the Logan Act” by speaking with Iran and proclaiming that he “should be prosecuted.”

“What I would like to see with Iran, I would like to see them call me. John Kerry, he speaks to them a lot. John Kerry tells them not to call. That is a violation of the Logan Act. And frankly, he should be prosecuted on that.”

“But, my people don’t want to do anything that’s — only the Democrats do that kind of stuff,” quipped the president. “If it were the opposite way, they would prosecute him under the Logan Act.”

Watch the video here:

The president continued on to blast Kerry for “telling [Iran] what to do” when he meets with them.

“John Kerry violated the Logan Act. He’s talking to Iran and has been — has many meetings and many phone calls — and he’s telling them what to do,” said Trump. “That is a total violation of the Logan Act.”

The Logan Act — first enacted in 1799 during the 5th Congress — makes it illegal for a U.S. citizen to engage in “any correspondence or intercourse” of negotiations with a foreign government, its agents, or officials during international disputes without governmental authorization.

The Boston Globe revealed last May that Kerry had been meeting with Iranian officials in an attempt to save the nuclear agreement that he negotiated while serving as Secretary of State under Obama.

As IJR News previously reported, Trump smacked Iran with sanctions to their metal industry after the Islamic Republic began rolling back restrictions on its nuclear program prescribed under the Iran Nuclear Deal.

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I would like to see Kerry and family move to Iran.

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