WATCH: This Is the Bizarre Fake Movie Trailer Donald Trump Showed Kim Jong Un

A recent meeting in Singapore between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was heavy on pageantry, but one White House effort to woo Kim toward peace left some reporters scratching their heads.

A Korean-language video that was played in the press filing center before Trump’s scheduled press conference left some in attendance believing they were viewing a North Korean propaganda film, The Washington Post reported.

“What is happening??!!” AFP reporter Andrew Beatty tweeted as he watched the video in Singapore.

But the North Koreans weren’t playing the video — it was the White House. Taking the form of a movie trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster, the video was intended to pitch Kim on the possibilities of peace with the United States.

The video, titled “A STORY OF OPPORTUNITY FOR NORTH KOREA,” was subsequently uploaded to the official White House Facebook page, and Trump shared it in a tweet Wednesday.

Watch the White House video below:

“History may appear to repeat itself for generations,” a narrator explains over black-and-white footage of North Korean guards. “Cycles that never seem to end.”

But the narrator explains that while cycles of war and peace on the Korean Peninsula continue, “the light of prosperity and innovation has burned bright for most of the world.”

“The past doesn’t have to be the future,” he explains.

The video leans heavily on the use of sunrises as a metaphor for a new, more prosperous time for North Korea:

Another sunrise:

Seriously, there are a lot of sunrises in the video:

And there’s even an appearance from a different kind of star — Sylvester Stallone:

It’s too soon to tell if Trump’s Singapore summit will result in North Korean denuclearization or a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula. But at least we have a fake movie trailer with gratuitous shots of horses running in slow motion.

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