‘Tariffs Are a Beautiful Thing When You’re the Piggy Bank’: Trump Knew He’d Reach Border Deal With Mexico

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

President Donald Trump touted the success of his widely criticized “border security or tariffs” battle with Mexico and elaborated on why he thinks he will see the same success in his deals with China.

When Trump announced he would be hitting Mexico with a 5 percent tariff if it didn’t put forward efforts to stop migration to the U.S., he faced many critics. As IJR previously reported, even many Republicans questioned the decision, with several sounding the alarm that the tariffs could cost the American people.

But the tariffs never came to fruition. Trump met with Mexican officials and agreed to halt the tariffs in return for the deployment of around 6,000 Mexican troops to its southern border to stop migrants from coming north from Central America.

In an interview on CNBC on Monday morning, Trump explained that he knew Mexico would cave on the border dispute because it wants to maintain its access to American consumers. He predicted that America would have the same success using tariffs in the trade deal with China.

Watch Trump’s interview below:

“People haven’t used tariffs, but tariffs are a beautiful thing when you’re the piggy bank, when you have all the money. Everyone’s trying to get our money — China. And the China deal’s going to work out. You know why? Because of tariffs. Because right now, China is getting absolutely decimated by companies that are leaving China, going to other countries, including our own, because they don’t want to pay the tariffs.”

The president claimed that China will make a deal with the U.S. because it cannot afford to be excluded from the U.S. economy.

“China’s going to make a deal because they’re gonna have to make a deal,” the president said.

For now, it isn’t clear what the next steps are for negotiations between the U.S. and China, though Trump was planning to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the upcoming G-20 conference. Trump noted in his CNBC interview that he will levy more tariffs if China refuses to meet with him at the G-20.

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“The Art of the Tariff Threat”.

Mexico has failed to respond to diplomatic entreaties. Now it’s clubbing time.

If Trump is smart, he’ll keep the tariff threats in place, since Mexico is notorious for backsliding.


Trump is crazy like a fox and doesn’t play the good ole boys game in D.C. The Dems hate him, because they can’t think like him, and they are so jealous! We needed a fresh thinker like Trump to break the cycle of failure from the previous eight years. God bless Trump, his family, and cabinet.


As far as being a great businessman, remember that most of his businesses: hotels, airlines, wines, etc., have gone under, while he and his android kids collect millions from “damages.” If you love this way of America “Great Again,” please consider counselling for any children, should you decider to procreate.


And that’s how it’s done! Something that the previous president, what’s his name, didn’t have the know how to accomplish. Or perhaps it just didn’t make his to do list.


My concern is that Mexican Police have been known to take money over doing the law abiding thing. How can we guarantee they won’t let them through because these people will pay them whatever they ask for???? So this to me is no assurance that we will not have to closely monitor this area anyway!!!

WP Taylor

Free enterprise and trade advocates like the folks at Reason, or Mises Institute or Cafe Hayek all view tariffs as just plain wrong; permanent barriers to free trade that only hold back economic progress and innovation and should never, ever be implemented. But it seems they also see tariffs as permanent barriers, much like the wall being built on our border with Mexico. But Trump is using them in a different way:as leverage to negotiate new conditions – often more fair conditions than the previous agreement – or, in this case, to get action from a trading partner. As long… Read more »

Don Snyder

People, especially spend happy Democrats, tend to forget that this guy is a businessman first, and President second. He made his living figuring out how to best deal with the opposition. For those of you who will point out that he isn’t always right, we get it. You’re hurt. But for the most part, most people don’t become billionaires because of dumb luck. He’s using his business sense for America. How about, for once, just getting out of the way and allowing this man to do what he does best. He’s proven he loves America and has her interest first… Read more »


Pesos or broke-ass illegals will make the Mexicans’ decision for them.

Macron, Trump

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