Trump Takes Heat for His Leadership Overseas — But More People Want to Move Here Than Any Other Country

Despite leaders around the world taking swipes at the United States president, millions still desire to immigrate to the United States.

According to a Gallup survey, roughly 158 million people around the world desire the U.S. as a potential place to migrate, as 15 percent of adults around the world and more than 750 million people claim they’d move.

Twenty-one percent, 158 million, of those surveyed from 2015 to 2017 said the United States would be their choice of destination, only a slight decrease from 21 percent in 2010 to 2012.

The United States leads with a whopping number as most desirable, with 47 million claiming Canada would be where they’d like to move, 42 million for Germany, and 36 million for France.

Among those who would like to move come from countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Haiti, Albania, and El Salvador, and others.

The survey results come even after President Donald Trump has had some rocky relationships with other leaders around the world.

The “Trump Baby” balloon has been a way of protesting the U.S. president’s visit, especially when he visited London for the first time when the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gave the green light for protestors to fly the balloon of Trump.

Watch the video below:

French President Emmanuel Macron swiped back to one of Trump’s tweets about Macron’s approval ratings. Macron responded, “I do not do policy or diplomacy by tweets,” as IJR Blue noted.

President Trump’s relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also been rocky since he took on the White House.

However, “Although the image of U.S. leadership took a beating between 2016 and 2017, the U.S. continues to be the most desired destination country for potential migrants, as it has since Gallup started tracking these patterns a decade ago,” Gallup wrote.


  1. Imagine that, the people that want to move to the U.S. are uneducated and unskilled from schitthole countries.

  2. Keep voting Democrat and we’ll meet all 158 million. Vetted or not…

    Nancy Pelosi sez, “Hey guys, the southern border is open for business!!!”

  3. Trump’s leadership overseas is now being seen in a more favourable light as people begin to see the failure of their own leaders such as 18% Macron,

  4. …and yet so many of the gilets jaunes in France want their own Trump, not an elitist government.

    Similar nationalist/popular rebellions, albeit not as violent, are underway in The Netherlands (sounds like a Monty Python joke, doesn’t it?), Belgium, and a few other EU states. They are sick of the elitists and bureaucrats who dictate things like speech, rights, and the length and curvature of bananas (insert jokes here).

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