Trump Lets America Know What He Thinks of Bill Clinton’s Meeting with AG Lynch— And It’s a Humdinger

Add Donald Trump to the list of those still skeptical about the content discussed between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch during their “secret meeting” aboard an airplane in Phoenix Wednesday.

The presumptive GOP nominee told reporters at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Friday:

“When I first heard this story, I said, ‘Oh, no, you’re kidding’. I don’t believe that, I thought somebody was joking. But it’s not a joke, it’s a serious thing…”

Shortly after news of the impromptu thirty minute meeting was leaked to the media, Lynch dismissed it as a conversation about “golf” and “grandchildren,” insisting that nothing of importance was discussed.

The meeting drew enough public scrutiny that Lynch ultimately decided on Friday to announce that she would follow the recommendations of the probe’s investigators in deciding whether to bring charges against the former Secretary of State.

What do you think?

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