Trump Manages to Take a Shot at Nancy Pelosi and a Page From Ted Cruz’s Book in the Same Sentence

Fox News/YouTube

While campaigning for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday, President Donald Trump took a shot at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“Democrats want to replace Texas values with Nancy Pelosi values,” Trump told a crowd in Houston.

Trump’s statement was a nod to Sen. Cruz who, during the 2016 presidential race, decried Trump’s “New York values.”

Although Trump shot back at Cruz during the campaign, Monday’s speech was full of praise for his former primary opponent.

Trump went so far as to say that nobody helped him more than Cruz did on a number of initiatives.

Watch below:

“I will tell you what, nobody has helped me more with your tax cuts with your regulations,” Trump said, “with all of the things that we are doing, including military and our vets, than Senator Ted Cruz. Nobody.”

Cruz and Trump, once bitter rivals, teamed up to take down Democratic senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, who has called for the president’s impeachment.

Cruz also praised the president’s record in office and pledged to fight for his re-election bid in 2020.

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Why do the dims want to LIVE in the past where Trump’s and Cruz’ past is concerned, but they want to TOTALLY IGNORE beto’s past?


Because they ignorant hypocrites.


banstan you get it but are not saying it correctly. President Trump and Senator Cruz were campaigning against each other for the Republican nomination. Campaigning by it’s nature is a nasty business and part of that is that you attack your opponents. That does not mean that civilized adults remain mortal enemies after the campaigning ends. Of course we all know that demoncraps are neither civilized nor adult and therefore cannot recognize that the campaign has ended and that now civilized and adult President Trump and Senator Cruz have joined forces to work for the common good of the citizens… Read more »


See Tom, I said all that in one sentence. Thanks for correctly clarifying my comment.

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