Trump May Pardon Military Men Accused or Convicted of War Crimes: New York Times

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the National Association of Realtors' Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, U.S., May 17, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Carlos Barria/Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump has asked for files to be prepared on pardoning several U.S. military members accused of or convicted of war crimes, including one slated to stand trial on charges of shooting unarmed civilians while in Iraq, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Trump requested the immediate preparation of paperwork needed, indicating he is considering pardons for the men around Memorial Day on May 27, the report said, citing two unnamed U.S. officials. Assembling pardon files normally takes months, but the Justice Department has pressed for the work to be completed before that holiday weekend, one of the officials said.

One request is for Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of the Navy SEALs, scheduled to stand trial in coming weeks on charges of shooting unarmed civilians and killing an enemy captive with a knife while deployed in Iraq.

Also believed to be included is the case of Major Mathew Golsteyn, an Army Green Beret accused of killing an unarmed Afghan in 2010, the Times said.

Reuters could not immediately identify a way to contact Gallagher and Golsteyn.

The newspaper reported that the cases of other men are believed to be included in the paperwork, without naming them.

The Department of Justice declined to comment on the report, while the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Legal experts cited in the report said that pardoning several accused and convicted war criminals, including some who have not yet gone to trial, has not been done in recent history, and some worried such pardons could erode the legitimacy of military law.

(Reporting by Timothy Gardner and Nandita Bose; editing by Michelle Price, Diane Craft and Cynthia Osterman)

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General Confusion

“Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of the Navy SEALs, scheduled to stand trial in coming weeks on charges of shooting unarmed civilians”

I am confused. Who put King Donald The Loser up to pardoning this animal? Who?

Gallagher was caught indiscriminately machine gunning random civilian areas, sniping an unarmed girl and old man, killing a prisoner among other atrocities. He is a disgrace to my profession.

And King Donald The Loser wants to pardon him? Pathetic!


The Obamanation pardoned or commuted the sentences of 1927 federally convicted criminals, many of whom were drug dealers that deal to and addict school children. How many lives were ruined by those dealers? Several soldiers were convicted of killing supposed unarmed civilians that were actually terrorists that reached in their robes for triggers or detonators after being shot. Remember, these terrorists don’t wear uniforms. It was the Obamanation’s love of Muslims that prompted this. They should all be set free.


Super O pardoned ‘Chelsea’ and it was a traitor who deserved hanging or a firing squad. If that wasn’t a breach of military law, then I don’t know what is.

Tom Bodine

Pardon all of the that were charged under the Obama ROE.

Kathie Norfleet
Kathie Norfleet

Trump cannot and should not be trusted with power over anything. Kick him to the door.





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