Trump Says McConnell and GOP Have To ‘Get Tougher’ or Potentially Lose the Republican Party

President Donald Trump is directly calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to “get tougher.”

The president wrote on Twitter Friday, “[Mitch McConnell] and Republican Senators have to get tougher, or you won’t have a Republican Party anymore.”

“We won the Presidential Election, by a lot. FIGHT FOR IT. Don’t let them take it away!” he added.

Trump has refused to concede the election and continued to push unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud — even after the Electoral College vote on Monday affirmed Joe Biden as the president-elect.

Following the Electoral College vote on Monday, McConnell took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to congratulate Biden on his election win, as IJR reported.

McConnell said, “Many millions of us had hoped the presidential election would yield a different result. But our system of government has processes to determine who will be sworn in on January the 20th. The electoral college has spoken.”

Biden revealed afterward that he had called McConnell to thank him and told the Senate leader that “although we disagree on a lot of things, there’s things we can work together on,” he said to reporters.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also weighed in, saying during an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, “I applaud Mitch McConnell for talking to Joe Biden today,” adding, “It would have been better if it were earlier, but it happened, and that’s what’s most important…Let’s move forward.”

After McConnell’s congratulations to Biden, Trump, however, took to Twitter to write, “Mitch, 75,000,000 VOTES, a record for a sitting President (by a lot). Too soon to give up. Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry!”


  1. Seriously, “mountains of evidence?” The mountains, the eyewitnesses, the affidavits, none of it was substantial enough to be considered in court. All the cases were thrown out by judges from the state level to the US Supreme Court. The mountains didn’t amount to a teaspoon.

  2. Ted: while I agree with most of your sentiment, the Republican Party started its downhill slide ever since at least the Nixon era, so you need to be a little more critical of more of our presidents than you seem to be. For example, Reagan was bordering on incompetent. At least you didn’t include Bush Jr in your list.

    You hung in there for all of THEM and it took Dear Leader for you to make this break? That says something about you, too.

  3. The Loser Trump says that if the Republican party doesn’t get tough, we won’t have a Republican party any longer; we will lose it. I am a longtime Republican who is among the millions of Republican voters who crossed party lines and voted for Biden even tho I am not a fan at all of Harris. I believe that Bush Jr, did not vote for him as Romney did not. I believe that our party has been thoroughly trashed by Trump with his chaos, his agitation, his unkind and nasty personal insults, his bragging about things for which he had no bragging rights, his nepotism, his poor decisions, his immaturity, his narcissism, his classlessness, his support for conspiracy theories, his divisiveness, his consistent dispensing of mis & disinformation, his lies and etc., etc. I feel that our party is already lost and will be severely crippled for years to come. I am sure that our past first-class Republican Presidents like Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush Sr, Ford and Teddy Roosevelt would be thoroughly shocked and appalled to have seen Trump in action these last 4 years.

  4. David, most of the courts, if not all, made it abundantly clear that literally ALL of the cases that were presented to the 50+ courts that made rulings did not provide evidence of massive fraud and in fact, did not present or bring evidence to court of any serious acts of fraud – Not once. Then to make your case even worse than it already is, the Republican chief of the Homeland Security Cyber Crimes unit who oversaw the country’s election process made it clear there was no fraud and in fact, noted this was one of the cleanest elections in history. AND even the country’s AG – an ardent supporter of Trump – said there was not enough election problems to have changed the course of Biden’s win. BUT because you are one of the hardnose conservatives that soaks up every word that comes out of the mouth of the lying-est President America has ever had, you take in his words as if he were God himself who can never sat or do anything that is not of the gospel. Wake up David because you are on the wrong side of history.

  5. You’re the one who’s been dropped David. Zero mention of the 8,000,000 Biden margin I note.

  6. DAVID said “Seriously, you need to stop saying “unsubstantiated claims” when talking about voter fraud. There are mountains of evidence including eye witness and whistleblowers testimonies with affidavits. If you want to lose all credibility with conservatives and lose our business just keep up the fake news. We will drop you.”
    DAVID….You need to contact the WH with your “mountains of evidence” The WH phone number is 202-456-1111. When the operator answers, ask to speak to the president.

  7. Seriously, David, you need to stop saying “mountains of evidence” when talking about voter fraud.

    The royal campaign went to court at least 59 times to challenge this valid, safe election. Do I have to remind you what the results of all of those court cases were? Do I?

    “We will drop you.” David

    Well, aren’t you precious.

  8. Poor David is beating a dead horse. I think David, you should run to the WH and let trump know all of your “proof” you claim you know of. Sounds more like you’re a very sore LOSER! 😉

  9. Seriously, you need to stop saying “unsubstantiated claims” when talking about voter fraud. There are mountains of evidence including eye witness and whistleblowers testimonies with affidavits. If you want to lose all credibility with conservatives and lose our business just keep up the fake news. We will drop you.

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