‘See, We Get Along’: Here Are 7 of Trump’s Top Moments From His Meeting With Pelosi and Schumer

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

President Donald Trump had a contentious meeting with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), to say the least.

Although the meeting was contentious, that doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t work in some of his standard one-liners.

From poking fun at The Washington Post to slamming Schumer for his previous government shutdowns, here are the top seven moments from the meeting:

1. “The wall. That will be the one that will be the easiest of all.”

To kick off the meeting between the three leaders and the press, Trump gave a quick recap of the topics the tree covered, including criminal justice reform, the farm bill, and the border security funding.

The FIRST STEP Act and the farm bill have bipartisan support and should skate through Congress for the president to sign. The border funding, on the other hand, could lead to a government shutdown.

With the media all present to catch any fireworks from their wall negotiations, calling the wall the “easiest” caught a quick laugh while also crawling under the skin of Schumer, who quickly tried to correct the president by claiming it was a negotiation on “funding the government,” not the wall.

2. “Just ask Israel.”

Trump shot off some statistics about the effectiveness of border walls in American cities before driving home his point by comparing U.S. border security to that of Israel. The Israeli border is reinforced with a wall, as well as the “Iron Dome” missile defense system. With many in the region hostile to the very existence of the state of Israel, their walls save lives.

“If you really want to find out just how effective a wall is, just ask Israel — 99.9 percent effective,” the president stated, adding that “our wall will be every bit as good as that.”

3. “Nancy, I’d have it passed in two seconds.”

During the exchange between Pelosi and Trump, Pelosi claimed that the president would never get his current bill through the Republican-controlled House. Trump explained that he hasn’t tried to get the bill through the House because it likely wouldn’t matter since he needs 10 Democrat votes to get it through the Senate.

When Pelosi pushed him on this, he said he could get it passed in the House in “two seconds.”

4. “I have the White House. The White House is done.”

During a confusing bit of back-and-forth between Pelosi and Trump, Pelosi tried to argue that the president should encourage the House to vote on the bill even though there is no chance it passes the Senate.

In a failed attempt to convince the president, Pelosi said, “Mr. President, you have the White House, you have the Senate.”

Trump didn’t let Pelosi’s obvious comment slide by unnoticed. He chirped back about not having to convince himself, saying, “I have the White House. The White House is done.”

5. “The Washington Post?”

As IJR Blue reported, the fact-checking team at The Washington Post recently revealed a new rating called the “Bottomless Pinocchio” for false statements that have been made several times.

During his meeting with Trump, Schumer alluded to this new report, but Trump didn’t care.

“The Washington Post today gave you a whole lot of Pinocchios because you constantly misstate how much of the wall is built and how much is there,” Schumer said.

The president looked at Vice President Mike Pence and started laughing. The president doesn’t have a great relationship with the Post and has repeatedly accused it of being biased against him.

6. “You got killed.”

The whole argument about wall funding balances on whether Trump will force a government shutdown for funding. Schumer and Pelosi really don’t want the government to be shut down, but Trump doesn’t mind the idea.

Schumer was called out by Trump for his botched shutdown in 2013.

“You don’t want to shut down the government because the last time you shut it down, you got killed,” Trump said to Schumer.

7. “See, we get along.”

Although the entire exchange was filled with moments highlighting how much the three of them do not get along, Trump earned a laugh from the room after he got Schumer to admit that they all wanted a secure border.

“See, we get along.”

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“We can have this conversation in private”. Why’s that Chucky? Are you scared to put your socialist shit out there in front of all US citizens, for fear they will see you for what you really are, instead of your twisted manipulations at a press conference?
Chucky looked like he wanted to crawl back in his hole and burrow deeper. Don’t worry Chucky, you and the hag Pelosi will be seen for what you really are, if you haven’t already, when those spotlights are on you 24/7. Get ready Chucky!


Much to their dismay, pencil dick Schumer and his imbecilic fellow pud pounder, the hag Pelosi, are slated to be eaten by their mutant offspring, the democratic socialists. This meeting was an 11th hour request for an intervention. However, as DJT reminded them, people get what they deserve. Forget the Dreamers, the Wall and WaPo, just make sure my paycheck clears.

Rocky Drummond

Chuck looked so weak compared to Trump. He had to wait until a press conference after the meeting to make something even close to a strong point.


Beautiful gamesmanship by Trump. Force the opposition into the open. Check. Keep hammering your agenda (however impractical). Check. Keep the actual topic, border security, in the news. Check.

The last thing is taking full authority for the shutdown THEN explaining why. Various polls make immigration #1 and Trump can spin this to his advantage by blaming the Dims.

Do I need to use smaller words for the Leftists? I try to “dumb down” as much as I can for “inclusiveness”.


Nancy and Chucky have other issues on their mind. They need to hold off the insurgent “new” members, consolidate the existing members, and keep the Dim establishment in power (all over 65). Getting the majority is not as big a gift as it appears.

Dennis Lopez

Nancy and Chucky two of the biggest corrupt morons in Washington.

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