Trump Mulls Sitting out of 2020 Debates With Democratic Challenger, Report Says

President Donald Trump, who argued that the debates during the 2016 campaign were rigged against him, is reportedly mulling the possibility of sitting out any such encounters during next year’s campaign.

According to The New York Times, Trump has told campaign advisers that he does not trust the Commission on Presidential Debates that sponsors the match-ups.

Trump has said that he was deliberately put at a disadvantage by the commission during his debates with Hillary Clinton in 2016. In one incident, he said a defective microphone that altered the volume of his voice might have been sabotaged on purpose.

He also complained when the commission would not allow him to seat a group of women who have charged former President Bill Clinton with sexual harassment in his designated VIP area, which Bill Clinton would have been forced to walk by at the event.

Trump also took issue with the fact that two of the debates were scheduled on the same nights as popular NFL football games. He tweeted that Democrats were “trying to rig the debates.”

Post-debates polls showed that Clinton gained ground following each of her debates with Trump. One taken after the third debate, for example, had 60 percent of respondents saying she outperformed the future president and only 31 percent favoring Trump.

In other debate-related dust-ups, Trump also famously sparred with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after she questioned him about referring to women he doesn’t like as “fat pigs,” “slobs,” and “disgusting animals” during a debate before the 2016 Republican primaries.

Trump later called Kelly a “lightweight reporter” for what he described as an inappropriate question, and said that “she should really be apologizing to me.”

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What’ll be left to debate after the Impeachment Trial in the Senate, the reports from Horrowitz, Barr and Durham, and the criminal charges forthcoming against those involved in the Russian hoax???….haha! Nothing left to debate! We all know how the greasy, Dem snakes operate, let them debate themselves.


Trump is right.
Why waste time in a rigged debate?
Why give credibility to any of these losers?
Let them sink or swim on their own merits (whatever those might be).

Tom Bodine

Boy would that piss-off the loony left.

Eli Allore

I don’t recall a sitting president joining a debate. So why would he anyway? He has proven who he is. If you like what he’s done you vote for him. If not, not.

Patty Dougherty
Patty Dougherty

I agree with Trump! He doesn’t have to debate anybody look at the crap they do to him as president! They want him to lose his temper which he probably will He is human not a politician! I’m voting for him and I know everybody else in their right mind will be voting for Trump!!! What would be perfect is no democrat win their office again and California gets rid of all the swamp people!

Jose Martinez

No need to waste your time! DemocRAT can never win honestly so they will send the questions to the DemocRat nominee ahead of time as they did with Hillary.

william jackson

Just keep tweeting

Thomas Cole

The debates always favor Democrats and no Republican should ever take part in them! In the case of Megan Kelly, her claim that she should not apologize for good journalism is not what the President was asking for, she should apologize for being a horrible moderator because she did not do that job at all.





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