Trump Blasts Dems for ‘Slow Walking’ His Nominees

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to bash Democrats for blocking his nominations and called for the Senate to confirm the nominees immediately:

Earlier in the week, President Trump criticized Democrats for being “obstructionists” while at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit.

“It’s never been like this, ever. They’ve never held them this long. Republicans have never done this to this extent with the Democrats. And Schumer and the Democrats ought to get going because it’s the wrong thing for our country. It’s a very terrible thing,” he said. “We have hundreds of people sitting out there, and they’re obstructionists. They don’t want to approve them.”

Though the president’s criticism of Congress is fair — Trump’s nominees on average take 21 days longer to approve than his predecessor, former President Barack Obama — an investigation by The Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service revealed that the president has yet to submit nominees to 216 of the 640 “key positions” that require Senate confirmation.

Fifty-seven of these positions, which include cabinet secretaries, chief financial officers, head of agencies and more, are open with no nominee at the State Department. Sixteen positions within the Department of Justice and 14 in the Department of the Treasury also lack nominees, with more in the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Labor, among others.

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