Trump Says ‘Common Sense Things Can Be Done’ on Guns, Wants NRA Input

Last updated 08/09/2019 at 10:35 a.m. ET.

President Donald Trump on Friday called for “common sense” solutions to address gun violence without mentioning what specific measures he would support and saying the views of powerful National Rifle Association lobbyists should be considered.

Thirty-one people were killed in two weekend shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in attacks that shook the country and reopened a national debate on gun safety as Americans grapple with yet another mass shooting.

A week later, it remains unclear what, if any, specific steps the Republican president would back. Democrats are trying to galvanize public support for legislative action over what has been a contentious issue for years, even before Trump’s administration.

Since he became president in 2017, there have been mass shootings at a church in Texas, a concert in Las Vegas and high schools in Florida and Texas.

Trump earlier this week initially appeared to back background checks but then did not mention them in a public address on Monday that focused on mental illness and media culture. He later predicted congressional support for those background checks and blocking gun access to the mentally ill, but not for any effort to ban assault rifles.

He had promised to take action in early 2018 after 17 people were killed at a Parkland, Florida, high school but backed down after the NRA, a key financial donor to Republican politicians, weighed in.

On Friday, he appeared to want to balance any congressional action with the NRA’s views.

“I am the biggest Second Amendment person there is, but we all must work together for the good and safety of our Country,” he wrote. “Common sense things can be done that are good for everyone.”

Trump said he had “been speaking to the NRA, and others, so that their very strong views can be fully represented and respected.” The NRA, in a statement on Thursday, indicated it opposed further gun restrictions.

Congress is in recess but Trump said leaders of the House of Representatives and Senate were discussing expanding background checks for guns sales.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday rejected a plea from more than 200 mayors to call the Senate back early to consider gun legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said they had each spoken separately to Trump and that he had assured them he would review legislation that has already passed the Democratic-majority House.

The White House had said it would hold also a meeting with representatives from the technology industry on Friday to discuss violent extremism online. Trump is not scheduled to be at the White House for most of the day as he attends a fundraiser in the Hamptons in New York for his 2020 re-election campaign.

(Reporting by Susan Heavey; Writing by Humeyra Pamuk; Editing by Bill Trott)


  1. To the Confused One,

    So glad that you are an admitted quitter. On the other hand, your lies and “expertise” are so transparent one need only point out your contradictions and cowardice. Hardly an effort on my part.

    Funny how you are willing to “help out” so many with money belonging to others, yet won’t help yourself.

  2. “Notice how he NEVER denies/refutes that?”

    What is the point of denying or refuting anything when you have already convinced yourself that you have figured me out? That would be a complete waste of my time and a wasted effort. You brought that onto yourself, too. If you weren’t so confused about who I am, I might have helped you out.

    You made that bed so you get to sleep in it.

  3. To the Confused One,

    “And how is that working out all these thousands and thousands of needless deaths later?”

    How many of those were suicides?
    How many were gang-related/criminal-activity related?
    How many occurred in Dimocrat-controlled cities which have strict gun-control laws?

    There are these things called the FBI statistical tables. Try looking it up for real #s and statistics. After all, you’re a statistical expert or claim to be one.

  4. James,

    The Confused One is making shit up, as usual. But he’s a liar. Notice how he NEVER denies/refutes that?

    The NRA donated $11.4M to the Trump campaign campaign in 2016. They spent $19M helping organizations opposed to Her Cankleness.

    In contrast McMahon Ventures (the WWE people) donated $6M AND Walt Disney Co. gave $5M.

    I guess this means the Genital’s prime source of entertainment is off his list.

  5. >Usually Confused<

    Yes, we do have a background check system in effect. Do YOU have any statistics in YOUR magical, know all crystal ball which would tell us how many of those who PASSED a background check and became RESPONSIBLE, LAW-ABIDING gun owners have actually become a MASS MURDERER? I'm hearing crickets, as expected.

  6. “We already have background checks” I Ching

    And how is that working out all these thousands and thousands of needless deaths later?

    I am confused as to why the corrupted Republicans refuse to do anything to resolve this problem. (No, I am not confused as to why. It’s because of the benjamins, stupid!)

  7. The obvious truth is that more laws will only burden the law-abiding.

    I’ll support more laws IF they first comprehensively enforce the existing laws in places like Baltimore, LA, Chicago, Memphis, etc. Let’s see how many fail the background checks, are felons in possession, under age, etc. Funny how none of the gun-control politicians have working policies to handle these places.

    Those places already have draconian gun laws which are ignored, ’cause crooks gonna crook.

  8. If your car isn’t running you don’t fix it by buying new tires and a wash.

    We already have background checks, but the system is only as good and reliable as the information it gets. GIGO.

    e.g. the TX church shooter was discharged from the Air Force for domestic violence against his wife and child. That information was never shared with either LE or the NICS system

    e.g. the Parkland shooter had multiple disqualifiers including a record of violence, threats against teachers/students, and beating his mother. None of this showed on his records because of an idiot program, PROMISE, which covered things up, ’cause he had a Hispanic surname. This was a failure due to politics and bad policies.

    e.g. the Vegas shooter had NO disqualifiers and bought his guns legally. Even a perfectly working system is not bulletproof.

    1. RE: The MSD High School shooting of 17 in Parkland, FL. The use of the PROMISE program to hide wannabe criminals was one of Barry’s brain drains. As such., he should be held as being complicit in those murders. But, it was just another in a long line of screw ups under the inept so-called “leadership” of the Kenyan Marxist.

  9. My bad, I was confused.

    The NRA donated $21 million to King Donald The Loser’s 2016 campain (the most that they ever gave to a single candidate) and over S36 million overall to get him elected. The NRA received $30 from Russians in that cycle.

    I am not confused now.

    1. WHAT? WHERE do you dig up this garbage? NRA has NOT received ANY money from any outside entity other than membership dues and commercial sponsors of advertising.

      THIS is precisely HOW fake news is generated – by __________ (fill in the blank with as many words as are needed).

      Confused? NO, stupid.

      /s/ NRA Life Member.

  10. Trump is right, as usual. Those who constantly criticize the NRA know nothing about the organization or the 6 million members who support it’s educational programs for school safety, weapons training and legislative endeavors to protect ALL of our Rights under the Bill of Rights. Most of those who bray also claim the NRA is only interested in selling more guns; which it does NOT because it is not a Federally licensed gun dealer, does not sell ANY weapons and does not support or endorse ANY weapons manufacturer. But, the Leftists will continue their anti-NRA rants to feed their low-IQ followers the same BS over and over and over until a few of them will accept it and believe it as gospel according to Socialism Chapter 1.

  11. “President Donald Trump on Friday said he has been speaking with the National Rifle Association to ensure that the gun lobby’s “very strong views” are considered as congressional leaders weigh possible gun legislation after two weekend mass shootings.” Article

    Uh, sorry King Donald The Loser, but you are trying to confuse everyone again. Let me help you out.

    What you MEANT to say was that you are still thankful for and remember that $30 MILLION that you received from the NRA, in 2016.

    Get money out of politics.

    1. As usual, YOU are wrong but needed to slander the POTUS any way possible.

      The NRA donated $36.8 million to ALL candidates during the 2016 election cycle.

      Be nice if you’d check your facts before typing your vitriol.

      Oh, BTW: Now you can begin your infantile slander again since Ross Perot donated $100,000,000 to Trump’s 2020 re-election shortly before he died. I haven’t written my check to Trump’s campaign yet; but guaranteed it won’t be nearly as large as Ross Perot’s.

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