Trump Knocks Obama, Biden for ‘8 Long Years’ of Foreign Policy Failures: ‘They Should Be Ashamed’


During a rally in Pennsylvania on Monday, President Donald Trump went after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over foreign policy.

According to the president, the former vice president was partly responsible for the Obama administration’s foreign policy strategy. He referenced Biden’s claim at a recent rally that “foreign leaders called him up and begged him” to run for president.

“Foreign countries liked it much better when they could push us around, rip us off, and make us pay for the privilege of handing over our jobs and handing over our wealth,” said Trump. “Eight long years ago, if you remember, I said it’s really bad and we’re never going back. The previous administration, what they did to our country, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Trump also paraphrased Biden’s campaign promise to “restore” America’s soul, claiming that his policies will only help other countries.

“Sleepy Joe said that he’s running to quote ‘save the world,’ well he wants to save every country but ours,” said Trump.


He used China as one example, claiming that the U.S. competitor was allowed, by the Obama administration, to take advantage of America.

“What [China] has done to us is indescribable economically,” Trump said. “I don’t blame China, I don’t blame President Xi, I don’t blame them … Our leaders allowed it to happen. Well, it’s not happening anymore.”


As IJR Red previously reported, even former Obama officials have admitted that Biden’s foreign policy was problematic. According to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the presidential candidate has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue of over the past four decades.”

Trump echoed this opinion in the rally and wrapped up his comments on Biden by repeating a familiar phrase.

“We have saved America, we made America great again, and we are going to keep America great!” said Trump.

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Biden is apparently well-known by his peers for his lack of international understanding. He made that abundantly clear recently when he said China is no real threat.


“Ashamed” is not accurate by the stretch of anyone’s imagination. Barry/Biden and company should have been IMPEACHED for the clear damage THEY did to America. It has taken Trump two years to wipe the scourge of #44’s anti-business, anti-worker, anti-progress, anti-American rules off the books and reverse America’s course from near demise to envied growth and prosperity.

America has never been in such dire straits as she was under #44 and his clueless sidekick – Biden.

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