Flashback: Trump Claimed Obama Would Bomb Iran to Boost Reelection Chances

Carlos Barria/File Photo/Reuters

As tensions have continued to escalate with Iran, the possibility of military action has also increased. The New York Times reported last week that President Donald Trump even approved a strike on Iran before pulling back on Thursday night.

The Times reported that planes were already in the air and that Naval assets were in position until a strike was eventually called off. There was also a collision of commercial ships in the Gulf of Oman that continued to escalate tensions.

On Twitter, Trump has been occasionally tweeting toward the Middle Eastern regime. On Thursday, after the Iranians blew a U.S. surveillance drone out of the sky, Trump tweeted, “Iran made a very big mistake!”

But these tweets reminded plenty of people about an earlier moment in Trump’s online foreign policy remarks.

During the Obama administration, Trump routinely accused his predecessor of trying to start a war with the Iranians.

At one point, he declared, “In order to get elected, Obama will start a war with Iran.”

The idea that Obama was getting ready to start a war with Iran just to help him get reelected was something of a refrain in Trump’s early tweets.

On another occasion, Trump accused Obama of getting ready to attack Iran “in order to show how tough he is.”

Perhaps most interestingly, Trump once suggested that Obama will strike Iran in order to boost his approval numbers. Of course, at the same time, Trump’s own approval numbers are lagging and have been consistently lower than Obama’s.

Democrats have hit Trump hard over the escalating tensions. Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted “there is no justification for further escalating this crisis—we need to step back from the brink of war.”

Senator Chris Murphy, who has a spot on the powerful foreign relations committee tweeted, “The place we have arrived at tonight on Iran is Donald Trump’s choice. He chose escalation over diplomacy, without any idea how to get out of the downward spiral he set in motion.”

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Boy! Alex Thomas, ‘writer’ of the above, is in locked goosestep with the left it appears. It’s funny how WE are causing the crises in the Middle East and the poor Iraniacs are simply victims of the mean ol’, tyrannical, guilty United States. It’s is blatantly obvious that President Trump wants to restore another Shah?


Whose he kidding? Barry didn’t possess the gonads to do anything except appease and apologize for America’s greatness even though he did send the mullahs $150 Billion of taxpayer money. I suspect that was to show his support for the Muslim cause being our anti-Israeli, anti-Jew Muslim “president”.

General Confusion

I am confused as to whether Trump’s cult followers will fall in line with their leader and/or his administration now and back them trying to overthrow Iran or Venezuela, to be able to control their oil reserves, or whether they will demand that Trump keeps his pre-election promise of curbing foreign wars.

What is it going to be?





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