Trump Offers Bizarre Defense of His Fourth of July Price Tag: ‘All We Need Is the Fuel’

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on stage formally kicking off his re-election bid with a campaign rally in Orlando, Florida, U.S., June 18, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

President Trump is gearing up for his July 4 bash this week after a long-awaited appearance of tanks in Washington D.C. The tanks arrived in the city earlier this week (to some ridicule from the internet), but they won’t be rolling through the streets of Washington. The total price tag for the event is still unclear, but speculation notches it as a figure in the millions.

The National Park Service is moving $2.5 million in entrance fees to help pay for the event, according to the Washington Post. Those fees would typically have been used to improve the nation’s national parks.

As the stories of eye-popping price tags have continued to pile up, the president took to Twitter to offer a rather bizarre defense of his extravaganza. Writing on Wednesday morning, he declared, “The cost of our great salute to America tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth. We own the planes, we have the pilots, the airport is right next door, all we need is the fuel.”

Unsurprisingly, the local D.C. government wasn’t pleased with the additions of war-time machines to their city. In a tweet that soon went viral, they shot back to the request, “tanks, but no tanks.”

But, after it all, it seems like Trump is going to be holding one of the more unusual (and possibly expensive) July 4th celebrations that the nation’s capital has seen. At one point during the evening, he’s even expected to give a speech, which could see him digging into his political foes and probably a little bit of name-calling.

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Tanks are brought in on the back of flatbeds so Council of DC is pandering to their extremely bias base. Trump is right, we own the rest. The only thing “bizarre” here is the headline.

General Confusion

No vertans have been invited by King Donald The Loser. Only his friends and donors have been invited, so far.

I am confused. Again, why is he spending this extra money?

General Confusion

Don’t be confused by King Donald The Loser’s ego and narcissism. Every dollar spent on this is a waste.

The Independence Day celebration NORMALLY costs about $2 million. The ADDITIONAL costs will more than double the normal cost, PLUS the National Parks now need to divert entrance fees from our parks to help pay for this charade.

And what happens NEXT YEAR when he tries to boost the military parade’s size to mimic North Korea’s or China’s? Who is going to pay for THAT? You!

This asshole is out of control and who here is going to resist the monster? You?

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