Trump Official Laughed at for Promoting Fossil Fuels at Climate Change Conference

It’s fairly common knowledge that burning fossil fuels is detrimental to the environment. But that didn’t stop a Trump administration official from trying to promote the harmful resources at a climate change conference in Poland.

“The administration’s economic strategy is rejuvenating our economy, revitalizing our manufacturing base, benefitting American workers … while safeguarding our environment,” said Preston Wells Griffith, a senior Department of Energy official.

Griffith’s remarks were met with mocking laughter from a group of protestors in the audience.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

A large group of protesters disrupted the event focused on fossil fuels with chants of, “Keep it in the ground.”

Asked to comment about the incident, Environmental Protection Agency acting administrator Andrew Wheeler dismissed the significance.

“I don’t think a planned protest can be considered the entire world laughing,” Wheeler said. “I think those were the protesters.”

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke argued that the production of fossil fuels within the United States is better environmentally than importing those same resources from countries with laxer regulations.

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Rocky Drummond

Griffith was mocked for about ten minutes while the panel sat quietly and after that they left. In the US, the cops would have been called and all of them arrested.


He should have been pushing nuclear energy.

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