Trump Still Owes Over $800k to Local Governments for His Campaign Rallies: Report

Donald Trump
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The Trump campaign has tens of millions of dollars of cash on hand but has yet to pay back a little under $1 million of money owed to local police departments, the Center for Public Integrity reported this week.

Local police forces are behind in cash after putting out massive resources for Trump campaign events held in their towns and are struggling to get reimbursed even years after the events took place.

President Donald Trump‘s team never signed any formal agreement to reimburse local police forces, but many sent over invoices expecting to get a reply from the president, who often touted his support for police in the very rallies they provided security for.

Cities such as Green Bay, Wisconsin; Erie, Pennsylvania; Lebanon, Ohio; and Mesa, Arizona have all had their invoices ignored by the president.

In total, the Trump campaign owes $841,219 to the local governments. Recent federal records show the Trump campaign has $40.8 million, meaning the Trump campaign could realistically reimburse the cities using about 2% of its total funds.

But some local government officials aren’t holding their breath.

“Let’s be honest, when does Trump ever pay his bills?” Spokane City Councilmember Kate Burke told CPI.

More than half of all of Trump’s local government security debt comes from a single campaign rally in El Paso, Texas earlier this year. In February, Trump held a rally in the Texas city while former congressman and now-presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke (D) held a competing rally miles away.

At the time, Trump threw insults at the former El Paso representative and falsely inflated his own rally attendance numbers and severely underestimated O’Rourke’s.

Trump saw the rally as a success and moved on. El Paso shucked out $470,417 to secure the event and hasn’t gotten a dime in return.

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Well if doesn’t pay to cost for the past rallies, don’t let him have another one until he pays the bill. Real simple….

Patti Harrison

Is this IJR red or blue??? Liberals find anything that would make President Trump look bad, so very sick and tired of the liberals and the democrats of congress who hate our country and president!

Karin Callaway

I notice that those are all blue state. wonder when they sent the bill to his campaign?????

General Confusion

Make the campaigns pay up front. That will stop any confusion over who owes what and when.

Frank Turner

How much did Beto O’Rourke pay out?


I’d like to see the city spreadsheets for taxes and revenues gained by having Trump rallies. What, no restaurant, hotel, or other revenues?

After all, balance sheets are just that. In fairness, I’d like to see balance sheets for cities sponsoring previous and current Dim events.q.v. the debates.

Presenting NON-partisan news means contrasting and presenting comparisons. This article FAILS in that respect, but I’d expect no less considering the past malpractice of this author.





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