‘That Turkey Is So Lucky’: Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys and Delivers a Message About Unity

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Kicking off the 71st turkey pardoning, President Donald Trump presented the two pardoned turkeys, “Peas” and “Carrots.”

The first pardoning of the National Thanksgiving Turkey began back in 1947 and has continued throughout every presidency in the White House.

“That turkey is so lucky. I’ve never seen such a beautiful turkey,” Trump said, as Peas was honored with the title of the “National Thanksgiving Turkey.”

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Two turkeys were chosen for the pardoning by a poll taken across the U.S. — the poll lead to a dead tie, split down the middle of who would receive the pardon.

Trump decided to pardon both turkeys on Tuesday in the Rose Garden — but not before joking that the contest was a “fair and open election.”

“Today’s lucky bird and guest of honor is named ‘Peas.’ Along with his alternate named ‘Carrots.’ The winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the White House website. This was a fair election. Unfortunately ‘Carrots’ refused to concede and demanded a recount and we’re still fighting with ‘Carrots.'”

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While Carrots did not attend the event, the president shared that he would also be pardoned along with Peas.

Two days before the 2018 Thanksgiving, Trump shared a message of unity for all Americans.

“This is a time for Americans to unite together in the spirit of love, understanding, unity, and joy as one very proud American family.”

In this time of thankfulness, the president gave thanks to all of those who “enrich our lives” and “fill our days with joy” — also giving thanks to “God, who continues to shed his almighty grace upon this magnificent land that we all love so very much.”

“We are truly blessed to be Americans.”

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Trump, alongside U.S. first lady Melania Trump, approached the table where Peas sat and pardoned the turkey.

“Peas, I hereby grant you a full pardon,” President Trump said.

Watch the full video below:

Peas and Carrots were selected out of the “presidential flock” to travel to Washington, D.C. to become the National Thanksgiving turkeys — traveling from South Dakota.

The pardoned turkeys will be sent to the “Gobbler’s Rest” exhibit at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, where they will spend the rest of their lives.

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Meanwhile, Reverend Al Sharpcheese is screaming “Racism!!” He’s making the case that Tump is a “White Nationalist” for pardoning this WHITE TURKEY, and then bemoaned all the “birds of color” that have suffered the fate of the cleavor in years past. Rev. Sharptongue will also monitor very closely whether the President chooses only white meat, or dark meat, or a mix of the two at the family dinner. However it turns out, count on Al making an issue of it, and using it to line his pockets! ?





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